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AWS intros DeepComposer, an AI-powered piano keyboard for developers

Amazon Web Services made a series of machine learning-related announcements on Monday as it kicks off its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The cloud computing giant introduced DeepComposer, a machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers; Transcribe Medical, a HIPAA-eligible, ML-powered medical transcription service; and SageMaker Operators for Kubernetes, a new capability for developers training ML models in SageMaker.  The DeepComposer… Read more →

Drones, 3D printing, and AR/VR: Unrealized potential, competent results, and worrisome futures

A world where ubiquitous AR and VR exist? ZDNet’s David Gewirtz tells TechRepublic’s Karen Roby about what a future of ubiquitous AR and VR could look like, and the potential pros and cons it would present. Read more: With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in their full, week-long glory, many gifts will be bought for deserving (and sometimes not-so-deserving,… Read more →

Most Brazilians believe companies don’t protect their personal data

Brazilians are neither happy with the way in which companies handle their personal data or trust them, according to a new study. The global survey was carried out on behalf of IBM with 11,000 consumers by The Harris Poll in 11 countries including Brazil. It has found that 96 percent of Brazilians believe companies don’t do enough to protect their… Read more →

Android: New StrandHogg vulnerability is being exploited in the wild

Image: Promon, ZDNet CNET Best Phones for 2019 Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. Read More Security researchers from Promon, a Norwegian firm specialized in in-app security protections, said they identified a bug in the Android operating system that lets malicious apps hijack legitimate app, and perform malicious operations on their behalf. In a comprehensive… Read more →

T-Mobile Alcatel GO FLIP 3 hands-on: Google Assistant and Maps make this a capable, modern flip phone

AI assistants on your phone: Who is the smartest of them all? Voice assistants from Amazon, Apple, and Google all improve on smartphones but Google Assistant is still top dog. Since I cover smartphones here on ZDNet, I tend to focus on the latest and greatest flagship devices. Occasionally, other interesting phones catch my eye and for the past few… Read more →

Microsoft, Google and VW pile in, so what’s behind Norway’s data center boom?

Norway’s ‘little’ project: A 24-pentabyte digital library for future generations From ancient manuscripts to movies, the National Library of Norway wants to put it all online for the public. It’s been a busy couple of years in the Norwegian data-center business. Before the end of this year, Microsoft will move into two new data centers of its own, near the… Read more →

Embarrassing and stupid tech goofs I made in 2019

To err is human, to forgive divine. But sometimes some tech goofs are so embarrassing, cringy, and plain stupid that they take a lot to put them behind you. And I’ve had my fair share of them over the past year. So consider this my “year in review” of being fallible. Enjoy! Must read: Best gifts: IT pro toolbox &… Read more →

61% of malicious ads target Windows users

Image: Devcon Most malvertising campaigns (malicious ads) target Windows users, according to statistics shared last week by cyber-security firm Devcon. The company said that based on data gathered by its internal tools, 61% of the malicious ads they’ve observed from between July 11 and November 22, 2019 were aimed at Windows users. This included malicious ad campaigns “designed to redirect… Read more →

Must-have tech gadgets to start 2020

It’s easy for technology to turn into digital shackles that keep us tied to work by throwing at us a blizzard of popups, chimes, dings and other annoyances. But, with a little bit of thought and planning, it’s possible to get technology to work for us, and allow us to get more done, have more downtime, and feel less stressed…. Read more →

Intel claims Qualcomm anticompetitive practices caused it billions in losses

In recent court documents Intel blames former rival Qualcomm for anticompetitive business practices that caused it to lose billions of dollars and forced the sale of its smartphone modem chip business to Apple at a fire-sale price of $1 billion. Intel’s claim was made in protest to Qualcomm’s appeal of a ruling earlier this year that its anticompetitive practices had… Read more →