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Cyber Monday 2019: Top Best Buy deals

Best Buy’s Black Friday ad is always one of the most anticipated of the holiday shopping season, and one pleasant surprise with its release this year is that many of the deals are already available, a sign that online shopping continues to erode the “magic” of Black Fridays past when people trampled each other to get to doorbuster specials before… Read more →

I went to Best Buy on Black Friday and it was shocking

Still doing the business. sfe-co2 / Getty Images The signs weren’t good. I woke up on Black Friday morning to headlines that bemoaned the end of this festive day of aggressive consumerism. The physical version, at least. Everyone, so rumor muttered, was now buying online and, if they were still going to stores, it was only to pick up their… Read more →

Comcast, desperate to be loved, makes E.T. sequel

An Xfinity of joy. Screenshot by ZDNet When you hear the word Xfinity, what’s your immediate thought? Might it be Comcast, the brand voted — more than once — America’s most hated? It’s hard to get away from an image of satanic customer service. Will anyone ever forget the Comcast service rep who badgered a customer to the point of… Read more →

Best satellite phone communication gadgets

If you do a lot of travelling to places where you find yourself “off the grid” on a regular basis, or you are the sort of person who likes to go on adventures and need to be able to stay in touch when off the grid? Forget the smartphone. What you need is a satellite phone. OK, a satellite phone… Read more →

Cyber Monday 2019: Best Office Depot and OfficeMax deals

The Cyber Monday ad for these merged office superstore chains doesn’t offer as many deals on laptops and desktops as their Black Friday ad, which is not entirely surprising given their continued (if shrinking) brick-and-mortar presence. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of specials available from Office Depot and OfficeMax if you didn’t buy a PC over the Black Friday weekend,… Read more →