One way Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is better than the iPad

Microsoft's Surface Pro X

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X


If you’re in the market for a tablet that’s repairable, then Microsoft’s Surface Pro X should be on your shortlist. Why? Because according to repair specialists at iFixit, Microsoft has upped its repairability game dramatically.

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According to iFixit, “the Surface Pro X is one of the more repairable tablets we’ve seen lately,” which is high praise from a company that spends a lot of time tearing down and analyzing the repairability of devices.

But there’s more. Compared to Apple’s tablet offering, the Surface Pro X is “far more repairable than any iPad in the past nine years.”

So, what makes the Surface Pro X so repairable? A combination of things:

  • A super easy to replace SSD (all it needs is a SIM eject pin and a T3 driver — there’s no need to remove the screen to do this)
  • The display is held down with foam adhesive that doesn’t require heat or solvents to remove, which is a first for tablets according to iFixit

But the design could be made even more friendly. The battery is still glued down in place and requires a lot of disassembly to reach, and there are a number of delicate ribbon cables that can be torn or broken.

But it’s still progress, and a sign that Microsoft is taking repairability to account when designing its devices.

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One way Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is better than the iPad
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