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Qualcomm says 5G rollout will be faster than 4G, projects 175 million to 225 million 5G handsets in 2020

Special feature How 5G Will Transform Business 5G will be popularized via telecom carriers and the marketing of wire-cutting services, but the biggest impact and returns will come from connecting the Internet of things, edge computing and analytics infrastructure with minimal latency. Read More Qualcomm is projecting 175 million to 225 million 5G smartphones in 2020 with more than 450… Read more →

Top ten tech turkeys 2019: The year’s absolute worst product and service failures

It’s been an annual custom at ZDNet to point out which products and services from the technology industry win the prize for their sheer incompetence in terms of technical implementation and the spectacularity of their failure — or because they just plain rubbed us the wrong way.  This was a banner year. We experienced such an overwhelming amount of these… Read more →

All the trimmings: Apple and Google dominate this year’s menu of tech turkeys

Samsung Galaxy Fold, Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T, Apple Watch Series 5, and more: Reviews round-up From folding smartphones to Google’s new devices and the latest e-readers, here’s the hardware we tested in October. Source Article from the trimmings: Apple and Google dominate this year’s menu of tech turkeys blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Here’s how Microsoft is looking to make search smarter and more natural

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft is continuing to evolve its unified Microsoft Search service. The latest pieces it is integrating into Microsoft Search involve its ‘Project Turing’ deep-learning work, as well as advances it is making around semantic meaning and intent. Microsoft Search, for those needing a quick refresher, is the name Microsoft uses to refer to its unified search experience designed… Read more →

Incredibly useful gadgets you didn’t know you needed

(Image: Suguru) Black Friday Business Bargain Hunter’s top picks The very best Black Friday deals and sales. Read More There are some items, that, when you see them, you wonder how you ever managed without them. Also: See Black Friday coverage at CNET Whether the cheapest $7 light or a beast of a power pack, these items are incredibly useful… Read more →

Open Invention Network teams up with IBM, Linux Foundation, and Microsoft to protect open-source software from patent trolls

Patent trolls cost $29B a year Large tech companies give free patents to start ups, explains Ken Seddon to ZDNet’s Tonya Hall, so protect your intellectual property: it’s your crown jewel. Open-source software — heck, all software — has been plagued by patent trolls for decades. The Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community in history, is now… Read more →

Teens want Apple’s AirPods for Christmas more than anything? Not exactly

Are teens desperate to have them? Somewhat desperate. Jason Cipriani/ZDNet Must-see offer Apple AirPods Pro Active noise cancellation for immersive sound. Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit. Available at Amazon. Read More It was yet more wonderful news for Apple. For a long time, investment bank Piper Jaffray has been releasing studies suggesting Apple products… Read more →

Microsoft says it has 20 million daily active Teams users

Credit: Microsoft In July, Microsoft officials said the company had hit the 13 million daily active user (DAU) milestone for its Teams group-chat service. On November 19, officials said that number is now at 20 million. Teams’ biggest rival Slack passed 12 million daily active users in October 2019. Slack has been trying to make the case that not all… Read more →

AMD releases first unlocked ‘Zen’ based Athlon processor, priced at $49

Today sees chipmaker AMD release the new Athlon 3000G, making an aggressive push at winning over mainstream desktop users. And this overclockable chip comes in at a fantastic price. Athlon 3000G tech specs: Threads/Cores: 2/4 Frequency: 3.5GHz Total L1 Cache: 192KB Total L2 Cache: 1MB Total L3 Cache: 4MB Graphics: Radeon Vega 3 GPU Cores: 3 PCI Express Version: PCIe… Read more →

Google Cloud Platform launches BigQuery Reservations, courts enterprises

Google Cloud Platform becomes more enterprise friendly The biggest takeaway from the Google Cloud Next conference is that the company is packaging its services up in ways that’ll be more appealing to enterprises. The big trick for Google though will be adding enough account managers to service big businesses. Read more: Must read Top cloud providers 2019: AWS, Microsoft… Read more →

Macy’s suffers online Magecart card-skimming attack, data breach

What happens after a data breach in a major company? Nothing good, says Wall Street The stock market does not take cybersecurity incidents kindly, it seems. Macy’s has announced a data breach caused by Magecart card-skimming code being implanted in the firm’s online payment portal.  In a letter issued to customers, the company says that it was alerted to the… Read more →

NY State Attorney General launches investigation into WeWork

The Productivity Paradox: Why aren’t we more productive despite higher tech investment Workfront’s annual State of Work report reveals a huge productivity gap. The New York State Attorney General (NYAG) is investigating WeWork on the back of a failed IPO and a massive restructuring push.  On Tuesday, Reuters reported that NYAG is examining a range of issues, including whether or… Read more →