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Tencent to support startup incubator scheme with Singapore university

Tencent is teaming up with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to establish an incubator programme aimed at nurturing local startups. Under the scheme, the Chinese technology giant will offer its cloud services and technology as well as marketing support to help these young companies get a headstart.  Its partnership with the university’s entrepreneurial arm, NUS Enterprise, would span three… Read more →

Oracle launches IXP FilterCheck, a free tool to promote secure internet routing

Oracle on Wednesday announced it’s launching a new, free tool in partnership with the Internet Society that aims to make the internet’s routing system more secure. Called IXP FilterCheck, the tool can help track and filter malicious traffic at internet exchange points (IXPs).  The tool will be available via the Internet Society’s  MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) initiative…. Read more →

ServiceNow under Bill McDermott: What you can expect

ServiceNow has a new CEO in former SAP chief Bill McDermott and it’ll be interesting to see where the master salesman will take the fast-growing software as a service provider with more than $3.2 billion expected in 2019 revenue. To say there has been a bit of executive turmoil at ServiceNow would be an understatement. John Donahoe became ServiceNow CEO… Read more →

HP wants to shame you into printing more pictures

 Well, if you print it and put it on your fridge it is. Screenshot by ZDNet You should be ashamed of yourself. You spend your days sending emojis, memojis, and, for all I know, semophojis in the belief that this makes you hip. Or cool. Or astonishingly of the moment. You use technology to make your dog look silly, your… Read more →

Has container hype jumped the shark?

Cloud computing: Top risks and threats 11 cloud vulnerabilities that keep customers up at night. must read What is Kubernetes? How orchestration redefines the data center In a little over four years’ time, the project born from Google’s internal container management efforts has upended the best-laid plans of VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, and every other would-be king of the data center…. Read more →

Orders in an hour? This (non-Bezos) company thinks it has the recipe

A company that’s pioneering an innovative “micro-fulfillment” model that uses robots and geographically strategic fulfillment centers to get products to customers in a hurry just raised $110 million in a Series B. Fabric, formerly CommonSense Robotics, is based in Israel but will use the funds to drive a U.S. expansion. Translation? We might soon be seeing ultra-fast order delivery from… Read more →

Prolific business email scam takedown leads to arrests in Spain

Police used pacemaker data to arrest man for arson and fraud The device provided key evidence — which stopped a man allegedly getting away with fraud after burning down his house. A successful Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam operation in which management was impersonated has been tackled by law enforcement through a series of arrests in Spain.  BEC scams involve… Read more →

Huawei: Easier to bribe telco staff then build backdoors

It requires significant effort to build backdoors into networking equipment that can work across different global communications networks and technologies. In fact, it is probably quicker and more effective to bribe a telco executive to gain access into corporate networks, quips Huawei Technologies’ global cybersecurity and privacy officer.  John Suffolk, who is also a senior vice president at the Chinese… Read more →

Apple Pay overtakes Starbucks as top mobile payment app

Apple Pay has become the most popular mobile payment app with 30.3 million users in 2019 topping Starbucks, according to eMarketer data. Starbucks had been the leader in mobile payment apps even though it is focused only on coffee retail locations. eMarketer noted that Apple Pay has grown faster than expected since its last report on the topic in May… Read more →

Ex-police officer and data breach victim loses court appeal, becomes liable for force’s costs

Spanish police test AI-based language processor to detect fake theft claims The AI can expose the truth of a fake claim filed for insurance purposes without wasting police time. A former Metropolitan police officer has lost a payout claim following an eight-year court battle to hold law enforcement accountable over the compromise of her data.  Andrea Brown, who successfully sued… Read more →

CPDoS attack can poison CDNs to deliver error pages instead of legitimate sites

Two academics from the Technical University of Cologne (TH Koln) have disclosed this week a new type of web attack that can poison content delivery networks (CDNs) into caching and then serving error pages instead of legitimate websites. The new attack has been named CPDoS (Cache-Poisoned Denial-of-Service), has three variants, and has been deemed practical in the real world (unlike… Read more →

Google Chrome 78 is out: Forced dark mode, DoH trials, no more XSS Auditor

Google Version 78 of the Google Chrome web browser is now available for download for users of Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS. Released today, Chrome 78, comes with a new customization menu for the New Tab page, tooltips when hovering nearby tabs, forced dark mode on every site, support for the Password Checkup tool, DNS-over-HTTPS trials, and the… Read more →