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Razer introduces Studio Edition mobile workstation version of its Blade 15 laptop

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition While best known for its gaming hardware, Razer has also dipped its foot into the enterprise space with some offerings like the Blade Pro laptop for mobile creative professionals. After all, it makes sense to cater to the game designers that will be creating the titles that will have gamers buying Razer’s other products. As… Read more →

Case-Mate for Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Stylish protection for your expensive smartphone

Windows tablets through the ages: The good, the bad and the ugly, in pictures A tour through some of most popular – and most unusual – Windows devices of the last two decades, from Tablet PCs to the Surface Duo. Source Article from for Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Stylish protection for your expensive smartphone blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for… Read more →

Some corporate tech spending disappears into black hole, survey shows

More than eight percent of corporate revenues (8.2% to be exact) is spent on information technology. The top three items receiving these funds include digital transformation, cybersecurity and cloud first or cloud migrations. However, due to lack of transparency and organizational inertia, a good portion of funding gets lost in a black hole. Photo: Joe McKendrick These are some of… Read more →

Four must-have travel essentials

I know that we all like to travel light, but sometimes it is possible to travel too light, and get to a point where things become frustrating, which is the last thing you want to happen when traveling (especially for fun).Here are three items I consider to be travel essentials, items that will make your life easier and help reduce… Read more →

Santander to offer hundreds of coding scholarships in Brazil

Spanish bank Santander is funding a project to produce hundreds of new developers in Brazil and address the local shortage of technology expertise. The bank has partnered with latin coding school Digital House to deliver the program, which will offer 240 full scholarships for the five-month full stack development course and will commence in January 2020 at the school, in… Read more →

US stopped using floppy disks to manage nuclear weapons arsenal

Special feature Special report: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (free PDF) This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, offers a detailed look at how to build risk management policies to protect your critical digital assets. Read More The US Air Force has quietly replaced the infamous floppy disks it was using to manage the country’s nuclear arsenal with… Read more →

Blockchain helps enterprises’ digital ecosystems in Asia-Pacific

Blockchain: it could be ten years before businesses start reaping the benefits of the technology ZDNet’s Daphne Leprince-Ringuet says that after much hype, analysts say that blockchain technology is still a long way from wide scale deployment – and is currently too immature to deliver on its promises. Read more: Blockchain explained in plain english Understanding how blockchain works… Read more →