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The OpenStack Train keeps chugging on

Cloud computing: Top risks and threats 11 cloud vulnerabilities that keep customers up at night. SUSE, formerly a Platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation, may have left the open-source, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) OpenStack cloud, but the project is going to move forward with the forthcoming 20th release of OpenStack: Train. That’s because while SUSE may no longer find OpenStack profitable, others… Read more →

Apple responds to reports that it sends user traffic to China’s Tencent

Safari: Tackling intrusive ads by limiting JavaScript resources Safari engineers want to limit the amount of JavaScript that a website can load. Apple has issued a statement today following a slew of misleading and poorly-researched media reports that were published over the weekend, claiming that the Safari web browser was secretly sending user traffic to Chinese company Tencent. All the… Read more →

What to expect from Windows 10 November 2019 Update: A pleasant surprise

Dog travel by car. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever enjoying road trip. Getty Images/iStockphoto For the past three years, Microsoft has delivered updates to Windows 10 on a predictable schedule, with new major releases arriving as a large update every six months. Those feature updates are targeted for completion in March and September, with public release following a month or… Read more →

Microsoft Defender ‘Tamper Protection’ reaches general availability

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of a new Microsoft Defender antivirus feature named Tamper Protection. TechRepublic 10 things you should never do in Excel Read More This new feature works by blocking malware from disabling Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) features behind the user’s back. According to Microsoft, with Tamper Protection, malicious apps won’t be able to: Disable virus… Read more →

Google announces new USB-C Titan Security Key

Google on Monday announced it’s releasing a new USB-C Titan Security Key in partnership with the manufacturer Yubico. Google launched the second-factor security key last year and currently offers USB-A/NFC and Bluetooth/NFC/USB Titan Security Key models.  Google touts the Titan Security Key as one of the best ways to protect Google Accounts from hacking and phishing, especially high-value accounts that… Read more →

One month with the Fitbit Versa 2: Comfortable, affordable, and motivating

Six new sports watches for the casual athlete to the ultrarunner Wearables today have advanced sensors to help you track your activity 24/7. Matt Miller says that while the Apple Watch is a great smartwatch, there are many other wearables focused on helping you collect data and use it to improve your health and fitness. Read more: When the… Read more →

Thoma Bravo to buy Sophos for $3.9 billion

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo plans today to buy UK-based cyber-security giant Sophos for $7.40 per share, for a total value of $3.9 billion, both companies announced today. The sale price represents a 37% premium on the Sophos market trading price, as recorded on Friday, at the end of the trading. The Sophos board of directors said they plan to… Read more →

How to dramatically improve your typing speed on an iPad (or make your typing more accurate)

The iPad’s on-screen keyboard is actually pretty good, and is perfectly adequate for typing short to medium amounts of text. But there’s a feature built into iOS 11, iOS 12, and iPadOS that, if you know how to use it, can dramatically improve your typing speed. Or, it’s a feature that you currently find hugely annoying but don’t know how… Read more →

Nvidia, King’s College London debut privacy-focused way to train neural networks

executive guide What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence A guide to artificial intelligence, from machine learning and general AI to neural networks. Read More Artifiical intelligence has a number of potentially significant applications in healthcare, from diagnosing patients to developing life-saving drugs. Yet training the robust neural networks for healthcare applications is easier said than… Read more →

Most SSL certificate misissuance caused by software bugs and rule misinterpretations

Software bugs and misinterpretations of industry standards are at the heart of most cases of incorrectly-issued SSL certificates — accounting for 42% of all incidents –, a recent academic study has discovered. The research, authored by a team from the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington, looked at 379 instances of misissued SSL certificates — from a… Read more →

Couple weeks with Galaxy Fold, Google hardware preview, Surface products (MobileTechRoundup show #483)

Google Pixel 4: Release date, features, specs, and everything you need to know The Pixel 4 looks to be a stunning phone, and if all the leaks and rumors prove true, we’re in for a treat. Source Article from weeks with Galaxy Fold, Google hardware preview, Surface products (MobileTechRoundup show #483) blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png