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Smartish cases for Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Five affordable styles with wallet and grip enhancement

Windows tablets through the ages: The good, the bad and the ugly, in pictures A tour through some of most popular – and most unusual – Windows devices of the last two decades, from Tablet PCs to the Surface Duo. Source Article from cases for Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Five affordable styles with wallet and grip enhancement blogs for… Read more →

Throwing away an old cable ended up being an expensive mistake

After USB-C-to-Lightning cables became the normal way to charge an iPhone, I hastily, and somewhat unwisely decided to get rid of my regular old USB-A-to-Lightning cables. Big mistake. And a somewhat expensive one. Must read: iOS 13: Security and privacy settings you need to tweak and check The problem happened when I rented a car that featured Apple CarPlay. But… Read more →

The artificial intelligence factory, coming to an enterprise near you

For a number of years, industry thought leaders have been talking about the concept of the IT or software factory — or software industrialization — in which code is produced in an automated, building-block effect. It’s debatable as to whether enterprises have been able to fully transform into software factories, but the idea of moving away from hand-crafted, one-at-a-time applications… Read more →

Vulnerability found and fixed in HP bloatware

Image: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet HP Touchpoint Analytics, an application that comes preinstalled on HP systems, contains a security flaw that could let malware gain admin rights and take over vulnerable systems. The security flaw was discovered over the summer by security researchers from SafeBreach Labs. HP has released updates this month to address the issue. HP desktop and laptop owners are… Read more →

The best Columbus Day deals for 2019

How to voice-shop with Alexa and get early access to deals ZDNet breaks down all of the ways that Amazon Prime members can use Alexa to shop, find the best deals, track their packages, and more when shopping on Amazon. Read more: Must-see offer Amazon Business: Sign up your business today! Create a free Amazon Business account and get… Read more →

Brazilian government to create single citizen database

The Brazilian government will create a single citizen database that will contain a wide range of personal information about the country’s population of over 200 million people, to be fully shared across departments. According to the decree signed by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, the objectives of the database include the improvement in public policy, as well as simplifying data sharing… Read more →

Beware the automation paradox

Designing an automated warehouse Sawyer Bateman, chief technology officer at EasyPost, tells Tonya Hall about the role data science plays in the creation of an automated warehouse. Download this complimentary webinar to learn how to use Forrester’s automation framework to guide decisioning, rationalize your automation portfolio, and prepare for the future of work. In 1983, Lisanne Bainbridge (a researcher at the University… Read more →

Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe drop out of Facebook’s Libra project

Mastercard, Visa, eBay and Stripe are all dropping out of Facebook’s Libra payments network, according to reports, putting Facebook’s proposed entry into the cryptocurrency market in peril. The news comes just days after PayPal backed out of the project and follows months of scrutiny from regulators worldwide.  SEE: PayPal backs out: what does this mean for the future of Facebook’s Libra… Read more →