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Clear the path to continuous intelligence with machine learning, consultancy urges

What do technology leaders and professionals need to do to help their organizations achieve the holy grail of continuous intelligence? Look to artificial intelligence and machine learning to pave the way. However, achieving a state of continuous intelligence isn’t an overnight sprint by any means — many organizations aren’t quite ready to bring together the adroit data management, automation, processes… Read more →

Microsoft can fix the toxic Android hellstew, but it needs a partner: Samsung, LG, ZTE or Huawei?

Here’s what scares us most about Apple’s iOS 13 and Google’s Android 10 Jason Perlow and Jason Cipriani talk about the recent updates, issues, and bugs that have plagued both mobile operating systems in this week’s edition of Jason Squared. Read more: There is no way to delicately put this: The Android operating system is, at best, a hot… Read more →

Escort forums in Italy and the Netherlands hacked, user data put up for sale

Escort forums in Italy and the Netherlands hacked, user data put up for sale blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Avita Liber hands-on: A solid, good-looking notebook with fingerprint authentication

I like the look of the Avita Liber. For a start, it’s not black or white. The Liber comes in a range of metallic colours, including light or dark blue, pink, lilac, green, silver, and gold (in the UK). The Liber I’m testing is patterned and quite eye-catching. The Avita has introduced the Liber with several hardware configurations: 4GB/128GB, 8GB/128GB,… Read more →

Use RPA to make customer service agents more effective

Warehouse fire caused by robot brings automation safety issues to the forefront Robot that started fire costs Ocado $137M. Read more: Download Forrester’s complimentary guide to learn more about the future of work. Customer service organizations turn to robotic process automation (RPA) to provide tactical and short-term fixes to digitize common, reproducible agent tasks. There are two forms of… Read more →

Samsung Galaxy Fold review: Most innovative phone of 2019 nears Holy Grail of One Device

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Glimpse of the smartphone world beyond glass slabs The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a major step forward in smartphone innovation and contrasts with today’s typical glass sandwiches. ZDNet’s Matt Miller has had a chance to test out the phone himself, and although it may not be perfect, it’s clearly improved over the Fold Samsung released in April…. Read more →

Rich kids being raised in tech captivity, says psychologist

Kids who have everything may disappear into the internet’s ether. Getty Images/iStockphoto It’s not easy being rich. At least that’s what rich people often tell me. It’s so tiring managing all the things you have and buying all the things you still covet.  It’s painful trying to decide what to do next. There are so many possibilities, after all. And… Read more →

Ransomware gang uses iTunes zero-day

The operators of the BitPaymer ransomware have been spotted using a zero-day in iTunes for Windows as a mechanism to bypass antivirus detection on infected hosts. The attacks and the zero-day were found by cyber-security firm Morphisec on the network of an enterprise in the automotive industry that got hit by BitPaymer in August. Apple patched the zero-day this week,… Read more →

HP launches new Chromebooks, Chromebox, adds Chrome OS to its desktop as a service plan

HP Chromebook Enterprise x360 14E G1   HP HP launched a series enterprise Chrome OS devices that include the Chromebooks and Chromebox as well as device-as-a-service plans. The move from HP comes after Dell Technologies outlined its push to bring more Chrome OS devices into the enterprise. Dell wrapped its Chromebook launch in service and support plans for enterprises. In… Read more →

Domo launches analytics app for Square sellers

Square is partnering with business management company Domo on a new app that aims to help merchants pull business insights from their Square data. In a nutshell, Domo for Square lets sellers combine siloed financial data and apply a range of Domo’s analytics filters to produce visualizations on key business metrics.   Sellers can link multiple Square accounts for consolidated… Read more →

EU: ATM jackpotting attacks earn crooks less than €1,000 in the first half of 2019

Special feature Special report: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (free PDF) This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, offers a detailed look at how to build risk management policies to protect your critical digital assets. Read More Attacks against ATMs across Europe using ATM malware and ATM jackpotting techniques have failed miserably in the first half of the… Read more →

AI to ‘fundamentally shift’ global balance of power

Rapidly maturing technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing will “shift fundamentally the global balance of power”, according to Dr Tobias Feakin, Australia’s Ambassador for Cyber Affairs. “Those [nations] that really are at the forefront of AI and the way that it works will genuinely be at the forefront of the emerging 21st century economy,” he told… Read more →