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Google gets tougher on HTTPS with ban on mixed content

New bans and rules for shady Chrome extension practices Google cracks down on misleading marketing and extensions with shady descriptions. Read more: Starting next year, Google Chrome will get a lot tougher on websites that have not fully migrated to HTTPS and are still loading some page resources, such as images, audio, video, or scripts, via HTTP. Known as… Read more →

Cheap web hosting services: How to find the best provider for your needs

Getty Images/iStockphoto Can you really buy a month’s worth of quality web hosting for less than the price of a Starbucks Grande cappuccino? Indeed you can, as we discovered when researching the web hosting services in this buyer’s guide. The average advertised monthly price for the 10 hosting providers we looked at is a low, low $3.19 — just add… Read more →

Box expands key software integrations as part of continued enterprise push

Box is expanding its integrations with key software players — including Adobe, Splunk, IBM, Slack and Microsoft — as it continues to build up its enterprise appeal. Specifically, the cloud storage company said it’s bringing a full-featured Acrobat web experience into the Box platform, and bolstering Box Shield with planned security integrations into Splunk and IBM. Box also previewed updates… Read more →

Microsoft will sell an Intel-based 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 for business users only

Microsoft announced a slew of new Surface devices this week in New York City. But there’s one that didn’t get any air time which potentially could be interesting to businesses: Another model of the Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft officials touted two new Surface Laptop 3 models during the company’s fall hardware event: A 13.5-inch Laptop 3 running Intel’s 10th-generation Core… Read more →

macOS systems abused in DDoS attacks

DDoS-for-hire services, also known as DDoS booters, or DDoS stressors, are abusing macOS systems to launch DDoS attacks, ZDNet has learned. These attacks are leveraging macOS systems where the Apple Remote Desktop feature has been enabled, and the computer is accessible from the internet, without being located inside a local network, or protected by a firewall. More specifically, the attackers… Read more →

Intel, Brown University collaborate on "intelligent spine technology"

When someone suffers a severe spinal injury, their brain’s electrical signals can get cut off from their muscles, leading to paralysis. It’s a devastating problem, especially since the human body cannot regenerate severed nerve fibers. But with the help of the right AI-driven technologies, medical professionals may eventually be able to help spinal injury victims regain muscle control and sensation. … Read more →

Microsoft launched a phone and made me laugh

A double-Kindle, anyone? Screenshot by ZDNet I tried to focus, but, you know, it was 7 a.m. my time. That’s an hour normally reserved for wondering where I am. Perhaps, then, the full impact of Microsoft’s latest hardware event didn’t strike home fully at first. There were, though, a few words from the presentation that lingered in my mind long… Read more →

Minerva attack can recover private keys from smart cards, cryptographic libraries

Czech academics have detailed this week a new cryptographic attack that can recover private keys used to sign operations on some smart cards and cryptographic libraries. Once obtained, the private key can allow attackers to spoof any smart cards or sign other cryptographic operations secured by the affected libraries. The attack, named Minerva, was discovered earlier this year in March… Read more →

Do we really need another tech event? Stay tuned for Apple in October (probably)

Have Apple events lost their shine? ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes sits down with Karen Roby to discuss if Apple events help sell iPhones, or are they a tool Apple uses to reassure investors and journalists? Read more: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty event’d out. We had the annual (if incredibly boring) Apple iPhone event where Apple… Read more →

Where does Cloudera go from here?

Doug Cutting speaking at Strata Credit: O’Reilly Cloudera has been through an eventful, some might say turbulent year, to say the least. While its been awhile since Cloudera branded itself as Hadoop, its fortunes have nonetheless been tied to the open source platform first codified by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella well over a decade ago. In our recent post… Read more →

EA to give users a free month of Origin Access if they enable 2FA

Electronic Arts Gaming giant EA announced yesterday that all users who enable Login Verification (EA’s internal name for two-factor authentication) for their accounts would get free access to Origin Access for a month. Origin Access is a paid subscription package that lets EA users play some games for free, buy others at a discount, and play some titles weeks before… Read more →

Microsoft’s new hardware strategy should worry Apple and Intel

Surface 1-2-3 punch: Can Microsoft knock the iPhone and iPad Pro off their pedestals? Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow discuss how Microsoft’s trio of new devices — Surface Pro X, Surface Neo, and Surface Duo — take aim at Apple’s mobile dominance in this week’s segment of Jason Squared. Read more: There was a lot to digest at yesterday’s… Read more →