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Three critical metrics you should expect from a vulnerability risk management solution

Vulnerabilities in popular consumer and enterprise routers have doubled since 2011 A new study reveals vulnerability rates are not decreasing in our connected devices — far from it. Download Forrester’s complimentary guide to learn more about the five steps to Zero Trust security — and recommendations for tracking and measuring Zero Trust. Many vulnerability risk management (VRM) solutions are limited… Read more →

Academics find eight vulnerabilities in Android’s VoIP components

A team of academics has found eight vulnerabilities in the Android operating system’s VoIP components. These vulnerabilities can be exploited to make unauthorized VoIP calls, spoof caller IDs, deny voice calls, and even execute malicious code on users’ devices. CNET Best Phones for 2019 Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. Read More The research is… Read more →

UPS’ drone business achieves FAA air carrier certification

UPS Flight Forward, the drone subsidiary of UPS, has achieved the highly restricted Part 135 air carrier certification, which allows for approved UPS drones to fly over people, at night and out of the operator’s line of sight. The certification, the highest level of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for a drone delivery operation, is a key step in the company’s… Read more →

Microsoft to make Windows 7 Extended Security Updates available to all business users

Despite nagging from Microsoft, millions of users have yet to upgrade from Windows 7 Nearly half of all PCs used in small businesses are running Windows 7 despite Microsoft’s January 2020 deadline. Microsoft is making Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) available to more customers. Instead of making them available to larger companies with volume licensing agreements only, Microsoft is… Read more →

Zuckerberg is frustrated because people don’t realize how much he cares

He cares. You don’t know how much he cares. It’s hard being an emperor. You’re constantly questioned. You’re constantly misunderstood.  You walk down the street in your finest gray T-shirt and jeans ensemble and people claim you’re naked. You can surely grasp, then, that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finds other human beings frustratingly myopic. If only they could see what… Read more →

Where do the tech giants send your data?

Big tech wants one single federal data privacy law, but why? CEOs who signed: Amazon, AT&T, Dell, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Visa, Mastercard, and JP Morgan Chase. Your phone beeps with Instagram and WhatsApp notifications. You are listening to music on YouTube and emailing from Gmail. Later today, you might use Airbnb to book a trip to Rome so you can… Read more →

iOS 13: Hidden features you might have missed

The best new features in iOS 13 With iOS 13 set to roll out on September 19, ZDNet’s Beth Mauder walks you through her five favorite new features and how you can add them to your iPhone. Read more: If you use an iPhone for work, then you’ll want to be as productive as possible to allow you to… Read more →

The Big Nine, book review: Visions of an AI-dominated future

The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity • Amy Webb • PublicAffairs • 320 pages • ISBN: 978-1-5417-2441-9 • £13.99 In her more paranoid books, Agatha Christie imagined that the world was being secretly and deliberately destabilised by a handful of unknown characters up to nothing good for the rest of us. In… Read more →

German police storm bulletproof data center in former NATO bunker

Dark web criminals are selling tools to help target your firm’s data Dark web listings of malware aimed at companies are on the rise. German law enforcement raided a former NATO bunker suspected of being the location of a hosting service used for illegal activities.  On Friday, investigators said a data center had been installed in the former military bunker… Read more →

Volatile compounds? 3D printing has a serious safety problem

It’s looking more and more certain that 3D printing has a serious safety problem. Though largely overlooked in the tech press, the problem is pervasive and could impact millions of students, patients, and employees who work in non-industrial settings that lack controlled environments.   That’s according to a two-year study by UL Chemical Safety and Georgia Institute of Technology, which shows that… Read more →

The state of open source databases in 2019: Multiple Databases, Clouds, and Licenses

Seventy percent of a $46 billion market is a lot. This is the share of the overall database market open source databases are projected to hold, according to Gartner. An extensive survey done by Percona shows the attitude of the market towards open source databases. The Open Source Data Management Software Survey was undertaken by Percona, a company offering services… Read more →