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AWS brings EC2 G4 instances into general availability

Amazon Web Services on Friday announced the general availability of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 instances. Featuring Nvidia T4 Tensor Core GPUs, the cloud instances are optimized for accelerating machine learning inference and graphics-intensive workloads.  Amazon previewed the G4 instances alongside Nvidia in March. Nvidia also announced at the time that T4 GPUs are offered by Cisco, Dell EMC, Fujitsu,… Read more →

Brazil sees increase in PC sales in Q2 2019

Sales of PCs saw an increase in Brazil in the second quarter of 2019, according to new numbers from analyst firm IDC. Between April to June 2019, sales of desktops and notebooks generated 4.1 billion reais ($982 million), up 12 percent on the same period last year, with 1,448 million units sold. According to the analyst house, desktops had a… Read more →

Microsoft to provide free Windows 7 updates for voting systems in 2020

Scott Olson, Getty Images Windows 7 support officially ends on January 14, 2020. After that date, the only way to receive security updates from Microsoft for PCs running the out-of-support operating system is to pay a minimum of $50 per device for Extended Security Updates. That’s particularly bad timing for election officials in the United States, where 2020 is an… Read more →

Robot priests more acceptable to Protestants than Catholics, says professor

A godsend? Screenshot by ZDNet Our faith in almost everything is being tested these days. Everything is instant, yet nothing seems real. The news is apparently as fake as people on the take. Yet we’re desperate to believe in someone — or even something — that’ll help give our lives meaning. For many — though, perhaps, a dwindling number —… Read more →

Exclusive: TalkTalk hacker also breached EtherDelta cryptocurrency exchange

Image: ZDNet US authorities have indicted two suspects for hacking cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta in December 2017, changing the site’s DNS settings, and redirecting traffic to a clone where they logged user credentials and then stole customer funds. One of the two suspects is Elliott Gunton, also known as “Glubz,” a 20-year-old from the UK, better known for participating in the… Read more →

Magecart strikes again: hotel booking websites come under fire

Google keeps track of your online shopping habits via Gmail Google puts all your online orders into a single page using purchase receipts stored in Gmail. A fresh wave of Magecart-linked attacks is taking place with the hotel booking websites becoming the latest victims.  Earlier this week, cybersecurity firm Trend Micro said that in early September, two hotel booking websites… Read more →

Developer takes down Ruby library after he finds out ICE was using it

A software engineer pulled a personal project down after he found out that one of the companies using it had recently signed a contract with the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The engineer, Seth Vargo, cited the ICE’s “inhumane treatment, denial of basic human rights, and detaining children in cages,” as the reason for taking down his library. The… Read more →

Raspberry Pi 4 getting hot? A closer look

Turning a Raspberry Pi computer into an air monitoring station with a few add-ons Pimoroni’s Enviro+ Raspberry Pi hat lets you start to measure the quality of air around your home. Well I have to admit (not for the first time) that I can be blissfully ignorant sometimes. My previous post, Can a Raspberry Pi 4 really replace your PC,… Read more →

Blockchain ID checks: How this startup is now verifying identities online

i-voting? Estonia can teach the world a few lessons In this month’s Estonian parliamentary elections, a whopping 44 percent of the ballot was cast using e-voting. Read more: A year ago, online-based ID verification startup Veriff was a company of 18 people. Today, the headcount is over 300, and it helps verify the identities of individuals ranging from… Read more →

Twitter removes new batch of state-backed accounts

Twitter steps in as China-backed accounts try to sway public opinion on Hong Kong Twitter has banned 936 accounts managed by the Chinese state and it will stop accepting ads paid for by state-run news agencies. Twitter announced today that it removed a new batch of state-backed accounts from its platform. During this latest round of purges, the social network… Read more →

AWS says servers secure following Malindo Air data breach

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Singapore says all servers containing data of Malindo Air customers are secured “with no further vulnerabilities”, and no payment details leaked. This confirmation follows a reported security breach that compromised personal data of 21 million passengers including that of Malindo’s sister company, Lion Air.  Forensic and data consultants also had been appointed to assess the overall… Read more →