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HP acquires Bromium, a startup behind its Sure Click security

HP said it will acquire Bromium, an end-point security startup that powers the PC and printer maker’s Sure Click system. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Bromium is designed to use virtualization to isolate attacks in “micro-virtual machines.” HP launches HP Elite Dragonfly, a premium business laptop and Intel Project Athena poster child | HP names Lores CEO, reports solid Q3 HP… Read more →

Two arrested in $10 million tech support scheme that ‘preyed on the elderly’

New tech-support scam hijacks your phone to call bogus hotline Video: Targets both Apple and Microsoft users. On Wednesday, September 18, FBI agents arrested two suspects on charges of running a massive tech support scheme that made over $10 million in profit by defrauding more than 7,500 victims, most of which were elderly. The two suspects, named Romana Leyva and… Read more →

Social media site Tsu set to return

The weaponization of social media by ISIS Dr. PW Singer, author of LikeWar – The Weaponization of Social Media, tells Tonya Hall about ways that social media has been manipulated by ISIS. Social media platform Tsu, which paid its users for sharing original content, has been acquired by private equity real estate group Terracap Group and intellectual property services company… Read more →

Google, Amazon make sweeping renewable energy commitments

Clockwise from top left: Wind and solar projects that currently serve Google in Sweden; North Carolina; the Netherlands; Oklahoma; and Chile   Google on Thursday announced that it’s increasing its worldwide wind and solar energy portfolio by more than 40 percent to 5,500 megawatts (MW), the equivalent of the capacity of a million solar rooftops. The deal, Google boasted, is… Read more →

Two years later, hackers are still breaching local government payment portals

The holiday season has begun (for hackers too) Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big targets for cyber attackers – but they’ll also ramp up their efforts throughout December. Read more: Two years after hackers first started targeting local government payment portals, attacks are still going on, with eight cities having had their Click2Gov payment portals compromised in the… Read more →

Two Ethereum consultants charged with extorting a cryptocurrency startup

Ethereum: SEC weighs in on cryptocurrency debate The price of the cryptocurrency surged after the US watchdog weighed in on the debate. The US Department of Justice charged and arrested yesterday two executives of a cryptocurrency consultancy firm with extorting a Seattle-based cryptocurrency startup. The two execs stand accused of threatening to “hijack” the startup’s initial coin offering (ICO) unless… Read more →

It’s time to reinvent mapping for the physical future

How the world’s most accurate streetmap paves the way for 5G Highly detailed mapping could help with 5G rollout and autonomous car projects. We have 50 years of experience with digital maps, so you might think the mapping industry would have it all figured out. After all, after 50 years of AI, the software industry figured out how to put… Read more →

Microsoft plans to rearchitect Azure Stack by making it container-based

Credit: Microsoft I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed that Microsoft officials have not said much about Azure Stack, its hybrid computing platform, this calendar year. I don’t believe this is because Microsoft is planning to phase out Azure Stack, given how often execs cite hybrid as one of the key assets Microsoft has in the cloud… Read more →

Datadog to raise nearly $650 million in IPO

Cloud monitoring firm Datadog is expected to start trading Thursday on the Nasdaq exchange with the ticker symbol DDOG. The New York-based company priced 24 million shares at $27, which would raise roughly $648 million at a market valuation of around $7.8 billion. Datadog initially set a range of $19 to $22, but the latest projections indicate an opening price… Read more →

Old Magecart web domains resurrected for fraudulent ad schemes

Think smaller DDoS attacks aren’t a real threat? Think again Distributed Denial of Service attacks are getting smaller — but they’re still getting more dangerous. Domains once used in card-skimming attacks launched by threat actors under the Magecart umbrella are being repurposed for new ad fraud campaigns, researchers say.  Magecart, once a term attributed to a single threat group, now… Read more →

Smart TVs send user data to tech heavyweights including Facebook, Google, Netflix

Optimizing IoT for blueberry farms: A learning experience for Intel ZDNet’s Stephanie Condon tells Karen Roby how Intel improved its Connected Logistics Platform after conducting a pilot project with blueberry farmers. Read more: University researchers say that smart TVs are leaking sensitive, private user information to companies including Google, Facebook, and Netflix.  As reported by the Financial Times, smart… Read more →

Patch now: 1,300 Harbor cloud registries open to attack

Vulnerabilities in popular consumer and enterprise routers have doubled since 2011 A new study reveals vulnerability rates are not decreasing in our connected devices — far from it. A critical vulnerability has been found in a popular open source cloud system that can permit attackers to take over registries by giving themselves administrative rights. On Wednesday, researchers from Palo Alto… Read more →