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Microsoft acquires code-analysis platform vendor Semmle

Microsoft is acquiring Semmle, a San Francisco-based code-analysis platform vendor, for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft plans to make Semmle part of its GitHub business, the two companies said on September 18. Semmle was founded in 2006, with the idea that querying source code should work like any other type of data. Since then, its products have been used by Google,… Read more →

Windows Defender malware scans are failing after a few seconds

Image: ZDNet There’s currently a major bug in Windows Defender, the free antivirus software that ships with Windows 10. Running a Quick or Full scan will fail after a few seconds and only go through a handful of files, resulting in incomplete, superficial results. Such scans are usually known to take tens of minutes, and even hours. The issue has… Read more →

Exclusive deal: Save $100 on Swellpro’s Spry waterproof drone with this code

Drones: Security and privacy implications for organizations Drones are drastically transforming a variety of industries today, but they could give rise to a range of privacy and security risks. Read more: Back to school Best back-to-school deals on Amazon The very best Amazon deals on highly rated school supplies for students. Read More Waterproof drones are hard to come… Read more →

Huawei eyes AI prowess, invests in compute power

The world needs more computing power and Huawei wants to build the architectures needed to answer the call, spanning processors, networks, devices, and cloud services. It also believes artificial intelligence (AI) will fuel much of this need and is gearing up a “full stack” portfolio to tap the growing enterprise demand.  Statistical computing, which is needed in dealing with undefinable… Read more →

NetSuite updates core capabilities, industry cloud offerings

Oracle NetSuite on Wednesday announced a series of new capabilities, including new industry-focused features, for the SMBs using NetSuite’s cloud-based, back-office applications. The enhancements were announced during the Oracle OpenWorld conference, during which NetSuite also announced it’s moving its operations to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  All told, NetSuite is rolling out more than 65 new and updated features to its… Read more →

NetSuite moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Three years after NetSuite was acquired by Oracle, the SaaS buiness is moving onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The move fulfills part of the promise that the acquisition held for NetSuite — the opportunity to take advantage of the larger company’s global infrastructure. It also gives Oracle one further proofpoint as it argues that its cloud infrastructure is ready for… Read more →

Crypto-mining malware saw new life over the summer as Monero value tripled

Malware that mines cryptocurrency has made a comeback over the summer, with an increased number of campaigns being discovered and documented by cyber-security firms. The primary reason for this sudden resurgence is the general revival of the cryptocurrency market, which saw trading prices recover after a spectacular crash in late 2018. Monero, the cryptocurrency of choice of most crypto-mining malware… Read more →

Apple TV Plus will be bigger than Netflix, if Apple does a billion things just right

With no 5G in sight, are Apple Watch and services the real stars of iPhone event? Jason Squared’s Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow discuss if enhanced cameras with improved machine learning and night mode are the star in an incremental upgrade year for iPhone. Read more: Let’s talk about Apple TV Plus, Apple’s new streaming TV service. The big… Read more →

Salesforce improves CRM searches with Einstein Search

Salesforce on Wednesday announced Einstein Search, a new search feature that aims to make sales and service teams more productive. The new, intelligent search bar is currently being piloted by some customers, and early results show it can reduce the number of clicks it takes to accomplish a task by 50 percent to 80 percent, Salesforce says.  executive guide What… Read more →

Despite diversions, AT&T CEO Stephenson honed in on 5G promise

The game of 5G and geopolitics: What’s at stake? The world’s most promising technology platform has become the grand prize in a game of global trade war. As China seizes prime platform territory, US allies find themselves caught in the crossfire. ZDNet’s Scott Fulton sits down with TechRepublic’s Karen Roby and shows us how anyone wins a game like this…. Read more →

New ransomware strain uses ‘overkill’ encryption to lock down your PC

Ransomware: Everything’s going to get worse before it gets better Ransomware is already a huge problem. And what’s on the horizon is even more worrying. A new form of ransomware that has been spotted in the wild uses what researchers call “overkill” levels of encryption to hijack infected systems.  This week, FortiGuard Labs said the new variant, known as Nemty,… Read more →