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Microsoft inches closer to releasing its AI-powered Scheduler bot

Credit: Microsoft In 2016, Microsoft announced an AI-powered bot called Since then, the bot, which uses Cortana to help users schedule meetings, entered private preview. It looks like Microsoft is about ready to make that chatbot — renamed Scheduler — generally available. The URL now redirects to And there are a couple of AI-powered scheduling sessions slated… Read more →

Mozilla to release a new Firefox version every four weeks starting next year

Image: Mozilla Starting next year, Mozilla plans to release a new Firefox browser version on a monthly basis, every four weeks, the organization announced today. Currently, Mozilla puts out a new Firefox version on a six-to-eight weeks release schedule, depending on the number of features that ship with each new version. Over the coming months, Mozilla engineers plan to narrow… Read more →

Pure Storage launches AI Data Hub, builds out AI workflow effort

special feature Managing AI and ML in the Enterprise The AI and ML deployments are well underway, but for CXOs the biggest issue will be managing these initiatives, and figuring out where the data science team fits in and what algorithms to buy versus build. Read More Pure Storage launched a bevy of artificial intelligence tools, including the AI Data… Read more →

Arrest made in Ecuador’s massive data breach

Ecuador’s Minister of Telecommunications Andrés Michelena Ayala (center) Image: Andrés Michelena Ayala Ecuadorian authorities have arrested the executive of a data analytics firm after his company left the personal records of most of Ecuador’s population exposed online on an internet server. The arrest is part of an official investigation that Ecuadorian officials got underway after ZDNet and vpnMentor published articles… Read more →

If you are a Restaurant Depot customer, don’t open that phishing email

The true cost of a data breach in 2019 Wendi Whitmore, IBM X-Force global lead for incident response and intelligence services, talks to Tonya Hall about how the cost of data breaches is determined by the time it takes to detect and respond to the breach. Restaurant Depot customers are reporting phishing emails sent from what appears to be the… Read more →

Does the iPhone 11 have a hidden feature waiting to be activated?

Have Apple events lost their shine? ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes sits down with Karen Roby to discuss if Apple events help sell iPhones, or are they a tool Apple uses to reassure investors and journalists? Read more: iPhone 11 rumors were swirling around for months prior to the official launch event earlier this month, and on the whole these rumors… Read more →

Cyberattackers now pose as business executives to secure security certificates

Goodbye passwords: Android is now FIDO2 certified FIDO2 certification is paving the way for passwordless mobile security. Read more: Security certificates are intended to elicit trust in users for the deployment of software, but as with so many other safeguards, threat actors can find a way to abuse the mechanism for their own ends.  Traditional antivirus software usually relies… Read more →

Report reveals where IT and Line of Business goals clash

As organizations move to the cloud, their lines of business are anxious to put their data to work. Their business motivations, however, aren’t always in sync with IT priorities. That conflict becomes apparent in a new survey of global executives, commissioned by Cloudera and conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.  The vast majority of respondents (73 percent) believe that… Read more →

Coros announces APEX Pro GPS sports watch: Longer battery life, altitude features, and a touch screen option

Image: Coros Coros launched its first GPS sports watch, the PACE GPS multi-sport watch in May 2018. At the end of 2018, it launched a premium model, the APEX in late 2018 that added a digital knob and long battery life. Last month I took the high end VERTIX for a spin and then ended up buying one for myself…. Read more →

Gootkit malware crew left their database exposed online without a password

Image: ZDNet The criminal gang behind the Gootkit malware has made the same mistake that thousands of legitimate companies have made before them in the past years — they left MongoDB databases connected to the internet without a password. The leak allowed security researcher Bob Diachenko to download all group’s data and gain an insight into their operations. Diachenko shared… Read more →

Millennials stressed from tech and social media overload

Burnout is now recognized as a legitimate medical diagnosis according to the International Classification of Diseases from the World Health Organization. And it happens to all of us from time to time. But how do employees limit digital workplace-related stress, and overcome the tech backlash that drives inefficiency?  East Weymouth, MA-based online acupuncture supply company Lhasa OMS surveyed 2,010 millennials in… Read more →