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Google forges 10-year strategic partnership with the Mayo Clinic

Google and the Mayo Clinic announced Tuesday a 10-year strategic partnership that will make Google Cloud the “cornerstone” of the Mayo Clinic’s digital transformation. The partnership will also combine Google’s AI capabilities with the Mayo Clinic’s clinical expertise to advance medical research and improve the delivery of health care. “Health care is one of the most important fields that technology… Read more →

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max event: Everything Apple unveiled and what it means

The real innovation is Apple’s pricing strategy for the iPhones and its services.  Apple CEO Tim Cook and his cast of executives barraged customers with a series of devices and services to ponder. The headliner was the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the Apple Watch Series 5 upgrade may have a wider impact. Meanwhile, a new… Read more →

iPhone 11: What is Deep Fusion?

Apple’s new iPhones: The hurdles ahead ZDNet’s Larry Dignan outlines the big questions surrounding Apple’s latest iPhone launch and whether the company can break through the upgrade cycle malaise. Read more: During the iPhone 11 launch event — an event that was heavily focused on the camera tech — Apple teased a new feature that it called Deep Fusion…. Read more →

Apple reveals what the Pro in iPhone 11 Pro stands for

So many more things. And yet so few. Screenshot by ZDNet I’ve not been sleeping well. Ever since the ever-reliable rumors had revealed that Apple would be releasing an iPhone Pro — even two — I wondered how it might make my life better. And yours, of course. What new aspects would suddenly make it a professional phone, as opposed… Read more →

Apple unveils new camera, err, I mean smartphone

Apple’s new iPhones: The hurdles ahead ZDNet’s Larry Dignan outlines the big questions surrounding Apple’s latest iPhone launch and whether the company can break through the upgrade cycle malaise. Read more: The new iPhone is so hard to differentiate from the old iPhone that Apple didn’t really try and spent a big chunk of the iPhone launch event boasting… Read more →

Java finally goes all in on open source with the Jakarta EE 8 release

Popular Python is set to gobble up C and Java Python’s ascent continues among software developers, bolstered by its usability compared with Java and C. Java being fully open-sourced has been a long, long time coming. While Sun open-sourced some of Java as long ago as November 2006, actually using Java in an open-source way was… troublesome. Just ask Google… Read more →

Western Digital buys Kazan Networks to expand data infrastructure portfolio

Western Digital is buying Kazan Networks, makers of adapter- and ASIC-level integration products. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.  With the addition of Kazan Networks, Western Digital, which has expanded its enterprise focus via acquisitions, is hoping to ramp up its development of data infrastructure offerings and expand its portfolio of fabric-enabled architectures including the OpenFlex composable disaggregated… Read more →

Internal protests could ban Google from next SF Pride march

Amp Somers and Celso Dulay (r) are suing Google for discriminatory practices. They were petitioning for a ban on Google marching. Several Google engineers and activists petitioned the board of the San Francisco Pride March — the largest Pride celebration in the US — to ban Google from future marches, accusing it of discriminatory practices towards LGBT communities. Two legal… Read more →

51 tech CEOs send open letter to Congress asking for a federal data privacy law

The chief executive officers (CEOs) of 51 tech companies have signed and sent an open letter to Congress leaders today, asking for a federal law on user data privacy to supersede the rising number of privacy laws that are cropping up at the state level. The open-letter was sent on behalf of Business Roundtable, an association made up of the… Read more →

InfluxData launches new time series cloud database platform

Today, InfluxData is releasing the managed cloud service to support its 2.0 platform. The managed service, initially going live in AWS’s US West Oregon data centers, is not exactly a surprise, as it was one of the promises made when the company unveiled the 2.0 platform roadmap last spring. And it’s not the first time that InfluxData has offered a… Read more →

Want the best? Get the iPhone 11. Want a phone that just works? Go budget Android

Apple’s September 10 event: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and a surprise? In this week’s Jason Squared, Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow discuss what we expect Apple to announce at the iPhone 11 event next week. Read more: My good friend and ZDNet colleague, David Gewirtz, is not going to upgrade his smartphone this year. He’s owned his iPhone 6s… Read more →