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Are digital experiences now more powerful than ‘live’ events? How can retail and event organizers entice attendance and purchase?

During the dot com boom twenty years ago nobody dreamt that ‘brick and mortar’ stores would be sideline to the extent they are today. Business plans to sell ePet food online were the butt of many jokes and bankruptcies, and  shopping malls were the dominant thriving social centers. What a difference a few years makes – ‘bricks and mortar’ store… Read more →

50 US states, territories launch Google antitrust probe

Attorneys general from 48 states, as well as from the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, announced on Monday they’re launching a preliminary antitrust investigation into Google. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading the bipartisan coalition, which includes attorneys general from every state except for California and Alabama.  “Right now we’re looking at advertising, but the facts will lead… Read more →

2019 iPhone 11 names, specs, pricing and release dates leaked

New iPhone: Has the excitement worn off? Karen Roby and Adrian Kingsley-Hughes discuss if there is anything Apple can add to the new iPhone to bring back some excitement to the launch? Read more: With a build-up that’s lasted almost a year (basically since the last iPhone was unveiled), there’s now less than 24 hours to go until Apple… Read more →

Can Apple (and Android) users afford the new iPhone?

New iPhones are not cheap, with the “affordable” model expected to start at $749 and the price going up to an eye watering $1,299. But research suggests that Apple owners are in a better position than Android users to stomach such prices. Must read: Apple has let down every iPhone user   The research, carried out by Personal Capital based on 2… Read more →

Security researchers expose another instance of Chrome patch gapping

Security researchers have found another instance of “patch gapping” in the Google Chrome browser that could have been abused by hackers to develop exploits and launch attacks against Chrome users days before a patch would have been readily available for everyone. What is “patch gapping?” “Patch gapping” is a relatively new technical term that is used to describe gaps in… Read more →

Microsoft employees spent eight weeks singing their own praises

They think they’re so great. Screenshot by ZDNet For a long time, Microsoft wasn’t known for its teamwork. Within Redmond, ruthlessly undercutting your fellow workers was a dance enjoyed by so many on their way to the top. Or, at least to the upper middle. Management looked on and adored it, as the Hungeredmond Games took place every day. When… Read more →

Microsoft redesigns To Do to make it look more like its Wunderlist predecessor

Credit: Microsoft When Microsoft bought 6Wunderkinder, the developer of Wunderlist, in 2015, officials said they planned to shut down that task-management app at some point and replace it with its own To Do app. That move still hasn’t happened. But this week, Microsoft is rolling out a redesign of To Do that attempts to make it look more like Wunderlist…. Read more →

My four-year-old iPhone 6s Plus is too good to upgrade, and that should worry Apple

Apple’s practice of model year phones and planned obsolescence is nothing new. In fact, the practice dates back to the 1920s, GM’s Alfred Sloan, and the blossoming, pre-depression auto industry. CNET Best Phones for 2019 Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. Read More The Ford Motor Company produced the Model T from 1908 to 1927,… Read more →

How much storage do iDevices need?

Apple’s September 10 event: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and a surprise? In this week’s Jason Squared, Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow discuss what we expect Apple to announce at the iPhone 11 event next week. Read more: One of my favorite features of iPads is their lack of configurability. Screen size, storage, cellular, and oh, the all-important color. Done… Read more →

Malicious Android apps containing Joker malware set up shop on Google Play

Windows malware uses legitimate P2P network to hide Researchers have detailed the newly uncovered malware, but it’s still uncertain what the goal of the botnet campaign is. A new malware campaign has managed to infiltrate the official Google Play store to deploy the Joker Trojan to Android devices in a bid to conduct ad fraud.  Last week, security researcher Aleksejs… Read more →

Cyber-security incident at US power grid entity linked to unpatched firewalls

Blackouts are one element of the cyber defence excercise scenario Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto A cyber-security incident that impacted a US power grid entity earlier this year was not as dangerous as initially thought, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) said last week. In a report highlighting the “lessons learned” from a past incident, NERC said hackers repeatedly caused firewalls… Read more →