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COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all

The evolution of a programmer’s job Clive Thompson, contributing writer to NY Times Magazine, Wired, and Smithsonian Magazine, sits down with Tonya Hall and explains the progression of the duties and expectations of a programming job. I cut my programming teeth on IBM 360 Assembler. This shouldn’t be anyone’s first language. In computing’s early years, the only languages were machine… Read more →

Google rolls out open source version of its differential privacy library

Google has released an open source version of the differential privacy library that’s used to power some of its core products. The library is meant to help developers build products that utilize anonymized aggregate data in a “privacy-preserving manner”. “Whether you’re a city planner, a small business owner, or a software developer, gaining useful insights from data can help make services work better and… Read more →

Atlassian announces new pricing plans, features in latest platform update

Collaboration and productivity software firm Atlassian on Thursday announced a bevy of updates to its cloud platform, including new pricing and packaging plans as well as product and platform enhancements.   The new cloud packages include a premium edition designed for enterprises requiring more advanced features, like support and storage, and free versions for popular Atlassian products such as Jira… Read more →

5G in the manufacturing sector

2020 is the year for the 5G network market, report Gartner says the worldwide market will spike in value as businesses gear up in preparation of 5G rollouts. 5G and Industry 4.0 form a very powerful combination. Together, they can lift and shift the manufacturing sector to a much higher level of digitization, by maximizing the mobility, flexibility, and versatility of… Read more →

IFA 2019: Garmin announces four new watches, including new Venu line

Venu Lifestyle Photography Producer: Caleb Brattrud/Kristin Garmin completes its 2019 new wearable announcements with the release of four new watch product lines designed for fitness and health monitoring while also being stylish watches. The Venu, Vivoactive 4, Vivomove, and Garmin Legacy Hero series are now available from $249 to $549. Venu See it now: Garmin Garmin’s workout-focused GPS sports watches… Read more →

Free software advocate Richard Stallman spoke at Microsoft Research this week

Credit: Alessandro Segala Microsoft invited free software legend Richard Stallman to speak at its Microsoft Research headquarters this week. Stallman, known for launching the Free Software Movement to develop the GNU operating system, was and still is a staunch Microsoft critic. Microsoft’s ongoing embrace of open source has resulted in some fairly surprising moves for the company. A Microsoft-built Linux… Read more →

Could Apple make a $299 iPhone?

Apple’s cheapest iPhone currently on sale is the 32GB iPhone 7, which retails for $449. While this seems like a reasonable deal – especially when you consider that Apple’s most premium iPhone is a whopping $1.449 – it’s a lot of money for old hardware. What Apple needs is a budget iPhone designed from the ground-up to be cheap yet… Read more →

iOS 13: Will your old iPhone and iPad run it, or is it time to buy a new one?

Along with the unveiling of the new iPhone will come the official release date for iOS 13. For some iPhone and iPad owners currently running iOS 12 this release will render their hardware obsolete, pushing them towards the Apple Store to buy something new and shiny. Must read: Apple has let down every iPhone user If you’re currently running one… Read more →

Apple has let down every iPhone user

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple has let you down. Massively. Must read: The 2019 iPhone 11 will be annoying, boring, and expensive The discovery last week that malicious websites have been able to hack iPhones indiscriminately and with apparent ease for years came as a bit of a shock. The idea that a product that Apple itself bills as… Read more →

Ransomware gang wanted $5.3 million from US city, but they only offered $400,000

100 Dollar bills coming out a computer screen tifonimages, Getty Images/iStockphoto A ransomware gang tried to extract a ransom payment of an unheard-of sum of $5.3 million from the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, but the city chose to restore from backups after hackers rejected a smaller counter-offer of only $400,000. The incident happened in early July, but details were… Read more →

Twitter disables SMS-to-tweet feature after its CEO got hacked last week

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 13: Logos for the microblogging site Twitter, displayed on the internet on September 13, 2013 in London, England. Twitter has announced plans to float on the stockmarket. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images) Mary Turner, Getty Images Twitter is disabling the ability to send tweets via SMS messages after an incident last week when the company’s CEO… Read more →

Palo Alto Networks delivers strong Q4, acquires Zingbox for IoT security

Palo Alto Networks said it will acquire Zingbox, an Internet of things security company for $75 million, amid strong fourth quarter results. special feature Cybersecurity in an IoT and Mobile World The technology world has spent so much of the past two decades focused on innovation that security has often been an afterthought. Learn how and why it is finally… Read more →