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Anaplan doubles down on predictive with Mintigo acquisition

The risks of predictive AI Omar Tawakol, founder and CEO at Voicea, tells Tonya Hall about the various risks of predictive AI and ways organizations can work to combat them. On Aug. 27, 2019, Anaplan, a San Francisco-based business performance management software company, announced its intention to acquire the Israeli-founded predictive marketing and sales analytics company Mintigo. Much like Salesforce’s… Read more →

Spending on AI systems set to surge and consultants are going to thrive

New AI jobs will outnumber jobs lost Obed Louissaint, vice president of talent at IBM, tells Tonya Hall that by anticipating job disruption, implementing new AI-related jobs will ensure that any jobs lost will be made up for. It’s a great time to be an AI consultant due to a lack of enterprise expertise. According to IDC, global spending on… Read more →

Microsoft buys cloud-migration specialist Movere

Microsoft has acquired cloud-migration provider Movere for an undisclosed amount. Movere, formerly known as Unified Logic, was founded in 2008 and is based in Bellevue, Wash. According to Microsoft’s September 4 blog post about the acquisition, Movere will fit in with Microsoft’s strategy to migrate existing applications and infrastructure to Azure. The company’s discovery and assessment capabilities “will complement Azure… Read more →

With Nvidia in tow, laptop makers target creative pros, AI developers

Nvidia’s Quadro Virtual Workstation on GCP: Why it matters Edward Richards, director of solution architecture at Nvidia, explains how global teams can now leverage Nvidia’s Turing architecture and RTX technology Workstations typically designed for creative pros are increasingly being pitched to machine learning and artificial intelligence developers and data scientists. Acer and Asus launched new laptops and workstations designed for… Read more →

Science fiction gets real: Asteroid-busting mission proposed

Huge asteroid to fly by Earth closer than most satellites do on Friday the 13th 2029 Tonya Hall talks to Brent Barbee, aerospace engineer at NASA, to talk about a hypothetical asteroid encounter marshaling a 21st century planetary defense to the rescue. This past July, Asteroid 2019 NN3, a 747-sized, nickel-iron rock zoomed by Earth. It missed us. But we… Read more →

Is this for-hire welding robot an omen for skilled labor?

There’s a new, easy-to-program welding robot launching in November, and for many in the industry it comes not a moment too soon. That’s because there are massive labor shortages in the American welding sector.  The robot, called the BotX Welder, is a direct response to industry hiring problems, along with the persistent challenge faced by fabrication companies in producing precision parts… Read more →

Singapore, Sichuan firms ink partnerships in medtech and logistics

Singapore companies are heading to Sichuan to form partnerships with local businesses in the Chinese province, with collaboration efforts spanning medical technology, logistics, and lifestyle. These are initiatives driven by the Singapore Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee (SSTIC), formed in May 1996 as a bilateral economic framework to boost trade relations between the two markets and comprises both public and… Read more →

Apple products you should avoid: September 2019 edition

Let’s take a tour around an Apple Store and look at what you should and shouldn’t buy this month. Must read: iPhone 11: Specs, pricing, rumors, release date, more Avoid: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Why you should avoid: Bottom line, we’re a few weeks away from new hardware landing, so if you’ve held out this far, you might as well… Read more →

Author of multiple IoT botnets pleads guilty

A 21-year-old from Vancouver, Washington pleaded guilty today to creating and operating multiple iterations of DDoS botnets made up of home routers and other networking and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Kenneth Currin Schuchman, known online as Nexus Zeta, rented access to these botnets to others, but he also used the botnets to launch DDoS attacks against various targets himself,… Read more →

Brazil’s consumer rights body slams use of biometrics in the social security system

Brazilian consumer rights body Idec has notified the country’s social security technology firm over its plans to procure biometric technology for use in the social security system. The country’s Social Security Technology and Information Company (Dataprev) is looking to introduce a mobile platform that integrates features including facial recognition technology in order to reduce fraud and simplify processes. The technology… Read more →

Mozilla says update to Firefox extensions API won’t kill ad blockers

TechRepublic Cheat sheet: TensorFlow, an open source software library for machine learning Read More Mozilla announced plans today to preserve the API functions that ad blockers and other extensions need to function properly, as part of Firefox’s upcoming transition to a superior extensions API. This is the same extensions API to which Google announced changes last year, which later proved… Read more →