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More weird – but super useful – tech gadgets

Yes, I have a thing for weird but useful tech gadgets. Here is a follow-on to my last installment of oddities that actually turned out to be useful. Must read: The 2019 iPhone 11 will be annoying, boring, and expensive #1: Skyroam Solis X Skyroam Solis X See it now: Skyroam Solis X This is a 4G Wi-Fi mobile hotspot that… Read more →

Samsung’s launch promotions make its Upgrade Program a foolish choice

What’s new (or not) in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? Expected internal updates were made, along with improvements to the S Pen capability and camera functionality, but a couple things were also thrown out. Read more: Last year when the Galaxy Note 9 launched, I bought it through the Samsung Upgrade Program since I tend to buy the… Read more →

BEC overtakes ransomware and data breaches in cyber-insurance claims

Image: AIG Business email compromise (BEC) has overtaken ransomware and data breaches as the main reason companies filed a cyber-insurance claim in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Asia) region last year, said insurance giant AIG. According to statistics published in July, AIG said that BEC-related insurance filings accounted for nearly a quarter (23%) of all cyber-insurance claims the… Read more →

Cisco releases guides for incident responders handling hacked Cisco gear

TechRepublic Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax): A cheat sheet Read More Cisco published last week four guides designed to help incident responders in investigating Cisco gear they suspect has been hacked or otherwise compromised. The guides include step-by-step tutorials on how to extract forensic information from the hacked gear while keeping the data integrity’s intact. Four guides have been made available, for… Read more →

Top 10 essential Android apps (September 2019 edition)

Got a new Android smartphone, or just want suggestions for some new pps to check out? I’ve got you covered! Here are a selection of some of the best apps available for Android smartphones. Must read: The 2019 iPhone 11 will be annoying, boring, and expensive #1: Solid Explorer File Manager Solid Explorer File Manager Download it from the Google… Read more →

More Galaxy Note 10, Coros Vertix purchased, new enterprise Chromebooks (MobileTechRoundup show #479)

iPhone 11: Specs, pricing, rumors, release date, more The launch of the next iPhone is now only weeks away, and the leaks are piling up. Source Article from Galaxy Note 10, Coros Vertix purchased, new enterprise Chromebooks (MobileTechRoundup show #479) blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Huawei believes banning it from 5G will make countries insecure

Huawei: What it means regarding the government ZDNet’s Chris Duckett talks to Karen Roby about how the government is handling all things Huawei and the company’s future. Huawei may be lacking 5G contracts and 100 former employees in Australia as a result of its banning in 2018, but one thing it is certainly not lacking is gumption. The Chinese giant’s… Read more →