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Enterprise software vendors mix and match monetization models: What happens when subscription, usage and licensing converge?

Managing the Multicloud: How to manage the new default for enterprise computing A multicloud approach has been talked about for years within enterprises, but few companies have gone that direction. Now it’s easier to go multicloud and AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform all share customers. In this special feature, ZDNet looks at managing multiple cloud providers, how to play… Read more →

Galaxy Note 10 launched, DeX as a home computer, Huawei’s HarmonyOS (MobileTechRoundup show #477)

The 10 best smartphones you can buy right now After a short few months with no new phones, it’s time to see the latest and greatest from Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Google, LG, and more. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was just revealed and … Source Article from Note 10 launched, DeX as a home computer, Huawei’s HarmonyOS (MobileTechRoundup show… Read more →

How much does your smart speaker cost to run?

Have a quick look around your living room, bedroom, or office. How many devices can you see that are plugged in and consuming power? Go on, count them, I’ll wait for you. I’m guessing that if you are a regular reader of this column, you have quite a few devices plugged in. And of those, I’m willing to bet that… Read more →

Two weird ways your iPhone or Mac can be hacked

For the majority of users, the security offered by iOS and macOS is more than enough, and they can go about their day-to-day business secure in the knowledge that their data is safe. But a determined criminals can find a way around these safeguards, and while these two hacks are impractical for widespread use, they go to show just how… Read more →

Researchers find security flaws in 40 kernel drivers from 20 vendors

TechRepublic Raspberry Pi: A cheat sheet Read More At the DEF CON 27 security conference today in Las Vegas, security researchers from Eclypsium gave a talk about common design flaws they found in more than 40 kernel drivers from 20 different hardware vendors. The common design flaws is that low-privileged applications can use legitimate driver functions to execute malicious actions… Read more →

Clever attack uses SQLite databases to hack other apps, malware servers

TechRepublic Cheat sheet: TensorFlow, an open source software library for machine learning Read More SQLite databases can be modified in such a way that they execute malicious code inside other apps that rely on them to store data, security researchers have revealed. In demos presented at the DEF CON security conference in Las Vegas today, Check Point security researcher Omer… Read more →