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Intel, Baidu sign 3-year deal to collaborate in cloud, AI, 5G

Zhenyu Hou (left), Baidu vice president and general manager of TG Engineering, and Jason Grebe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Cloud Platforms and Technologies, shake hands during a meeting at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California.  Intel Corporation Intel and Baidu on Thursday announced a new, three-year agreement to collaborate on technology related to Baidu’s core businesses… Read more →

GNOME and KDE work together on the Linux desktop

What’s holding the Linux desktop back? Linus Torvalds looks to Chromebooks and Android for the future of the Linux desktop, while Linux Mint developers aren’t happy with each other. The Linux desktop has its fans — I’ve been using it for over twenty-years — but it’s never been a mass market favorite. In part, that’s because as Linus Torvalds says,… Read more →

Manufacturers’ digital transformation will fail without both IT and OT

Is digital transformation just repeating history? Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, IoT consultant, founder, author, and speaker, sits down with Tonya Hall to talk about ways in which we’ve seen digital transformation repeat history. Download Forrester’s complimentary guide to learn how to prepare for the future of IT.     Special feature Digital Transformation: A CXO’s Guide Reimagining business for the digital age is the number-one priority… Read more →

Voter records for 80% of Chile’s population left exposed online

Santiago de Chile skyline Image: Pablo García Saldaña The voter information of more than 14.3 million Chileans, which accounts to nearly 80% of the country’s entire population, was left exposed and leaking on the internet inside an Elasticsearch database. ZDNet learned of the leaky server from a member of the Wizcase research team, who passed the server’s IP to this… Read more →

Silicon Valley-area congressman criticizes tech firms for media job losses

Apple CEO lambasts Silicon Valley for not owning up to privacy mistakes Time for tech companies to take responsibility for the digital privacy mess they’re created, says Apple chief. Read more: California Congressman Mark DeSaulnier has criticized Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies for massive job losses among journalists, which has harmed local communities and affected the health of… Read more →

Valve proposes game-friendly changes to the Linux kernel

How the latest gaming AI beat world champions of poker ZDNet’s Tiernan Ray tells TechRepublic’s Karen Roby that traditional theoretical math approaches break down in multi-person Texas Hold’em poker. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Facebook figured out smart search strategies to get around that problem. Read more: Linux has never been a hot gaming platform. Valve, creator of the Steam… Read more →

Verizon’s Q2 earnings better than expected as company adds business wireless customers

Special feature How 5G Will Transform Business 5G will be popularized via telecom carriers and the marketing of wire-cutting services, but the biggest impact and returns will come from connecting the Internet of things, edge computing and analytics infrastructure with minimal latency. Read More Verizon said it added 451,000 retail postpaid net additions in the second quarter as its earnings… Read more →

5G enthusiasm abounds from tech CEOs: Is it warranted?

How 5G will transform business The next generation of mobile technology, or 5G, has the potential to supercharge the evolution of everything from smart cities and autonomous cars to augmented reality and AI. Larry Dignan and Bill Detwiler talk about 5G and its potential. techrepublic The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know… Read more →

Fake iPhone, iPad smuggler lands behind bars

Wary of hacking, China will develop its own operating system for the military Chinese military won’t replace Windows with Linux, but develop a custom OS instead. A man has been sentenced to roughly three years in prison for smuggling fake Apple goods from China to the United States. On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) said that Jianhua “Jeff”… Read more →

Replacing a MacBook or MacBook Pro battery

Apple WWDC 2019 keynote: Scenes and surprises Highlights and some surprises from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, including announcements on iOS, MacOS, TvOS, and WatchOS. Source Article from a MacBook or MacBook Pro battery blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Indian government likely to cave in on data localisation stance after pressure from US

In a game of chicken with the US government, the Indian government appears to be on course to changing its stance on insisting that all data be stored on local servers, including those generated from foreign credit card companies. In a more sinister turn, however, the Bill could also leave Indians with very little control of how their data is being… Read more →