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Microsoft asks to join private Linux security developer list

Linux 5.0: What’s new (not much) It’s not like Linus Torvalds didn’t warn us. Linux 5.0 is out, but there’s no big updates to be found here. Read more: Almost all of Linux’s development work is conducted in the open. Almost. One of the few exceptions is when companies or hackers  reveal unpatched security holes to Linux developers…. Read more →

Microsoft developer reveals Linux is now more used on Azure than Windows Server

Microsoft Build 2019: Azure, Microsoft Graph, IoT and IE mode highlights ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley handicaps Microsoft’s vision to lead with its three core clouds: Azure, Microsoft 365 and gaming. Here’s the plan and other goodies developers will get. Read more: Three and a half years ago, Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO, Microsoft’s cloud, said, “One in four [Azure] instances… Read more →

Ive departs Apple, iPad OS, Chrome OS 75, and T-Mobile 5G (MobileTechRoundup show #473)

After sharing my story about the SIM swap attack a couple of weeks ago we started off MobileTechRoundup show #473 talking about how I am nearly recovered from it and some lessons learned. There were also plenty of other topics to chat with Kevin about for over an hour this weekend. Image: ZDNet Recovering from a SIM swap attack Huawei… Read more →