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Intel Q2 2019 beats analyst expectations with boost in revenue, sale of modem unit to Apple

Intel announces program to help Israeli AI startups The company will provide 10 to 15 startups with mentorship from Intel and industry experts. Intel has reported its second-quarter financial results, beating analyst expectations and with a revised, improved full-year outlook to $69.5 billion. Intel’s Q2 2019 earnings (statement) show revenues of $16.5 billion GAAP, down three percent year-over-year with basic… Read more →

Amazon delivers mixed Q2 results with Prime’s one-day shipping under way

Amazon published its second quarter financial report on Thursday, delivering mixed results. While earnings disappointed, sales surpassed expectations. Amazon Web Services and Amazon’s advertising business once again proved to be fast-growing sources of revenue.  Amazon’s net income in Q2 came to $2.6 billion, or $5.22 per diluted share, compared with net income of $2.5 billion, or $5.07 per diluted share,… Read more →

Apple acquires Intel’s modem business in $1 billion deal

Intel’s Project Athena: Premium PCs with better battery life Intel chips away at the perennial problem of battery life in laptops with Project Athena. But the new hardware won’t come cheap. Apple has agreed to acquire Intel’s 5G modem business in an acquisition that highlights the iPad and iPhone maker’s desire to have more direct control of its supply chain. … Read more →

Red Hat CTO Chris Wright talks about Red Hat’s future with IBM

The future of IBM and Red Hat As IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat begins to unfold, TechRepublic’s Karen Roby looked to ZDNet’s Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols to gain a better understanding of the current state of company and what its future looks like now. Read more: must read From Linux to Cloud, why Red Hat matters for every enterprise Today,… Read more →

Firefox Reality now available for the Oculus Quest

Mozilla on Thursday announced that its virtual reality web browser, Firefox Reality, is now available for the Oculus Quest. While the production of VR content is still in its early days, Mozilla’s browser offers users a platform-neutral way to browse content while maintaining some level of privacy.  Launched in September, Firefox Reality is built expressly to work with standalone virtual… Read more →

Brazilian banking users exposed by 250GB data leak

An unprotected server belonging to a Brazilian financial services provider has exposed a massive batch of data from customers of various local banks, security experts have found. The vulnerability has been detected by security researchers Data Group and the total file size of sensitive personal information available in the public domain is estimated to be 250GB. The number of individuals… Read more →

Over 23 million stolen credit cards are being traded on the Dark Web

Stealing and selling children’s private data is trending in the dark web Fraudsters are looking for a clean credit history, and are using stolen identities to create them. Over 23 million credit and debit cards were on offer in underground forums in the first half of 2019, researchers claim.  On Thursday, cybersecurity firm Sixgill released its Underground financial fraud report,… Read more →

Garmin Edge 530 and Varia RTL510 review: Keeping your bike commute safe and enhancing your outdoor fun

Last month I spent a few days with Garmin and several others from the cycling and running world. The mountain bikers were excited to try out the new Garmin Edge 530 and Varia RTL510 since this pair added some advanced metrics to track and record data while traversing the trails of Western Montana. In addition to mountain bikers, these two… Read more →

This is what happens when Amazon’s Alexa decides to take over

It obeys orders, Until it doesn’t. These things always start in a benign way. A seeming mistake here, an apparent mishearing over there. Before you know it, life has radically changed. So, conspiracy theorists might think, it is with artificial intelligence. At first, the machine is quite stupid. It makes elementary mistakes. It doesn’t understand basic commands. see also After… Read more →

Take control of your Google Chrome tabs

Are you close to the point of declaring tab bankruptcy, closing them all and starting again? I’ve been there, and the odd thing is that within a few weeks I was ready to do the same thing again because I had too many tabs open again!  Fortunately, there’s a better way, and Google Chrome comes with tools to help you… Read more →

Unpatched vulnerabilities lurk in Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus software contains a swathe of severe vulnerabilities which may place users at risk, researchers say.  According to a security advisory published by Tenable Research, version of Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Antivirus Advanced contain multiple vulnerabilities.  Comodo Antivirus is designed to protect desktops from unwanted intrusions and malware infections. However, the cybersecurity researchers were able to find security… Read more →

US company selling weaponized BlueKeep exploit

Image: Screengrab from Immunity Vimeo video A US cyber-security company is selling a weaponized BlueKeep exploit as part of a penetration testing utility. BlueKeep, also known as CVE-2019-0708, is a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service included in older versions of the Windows operating system. Microsoft released patches for BlueKeep on May 14, and described it as a… Read more →