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Hackers breach 62 US colleges by exploiting ERP vulnerability

Hackers have breached the systems of 62 colleges and universities by exploiting a vulnerability in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) web app, the US Department of Education said in a security alert sent out this week. The vulnerability is in Ellucian Banner Web Tailor, a module of the Ellucian Banner ERP that lets universities customize their front-facing web applications. The… Read more →

Brazilian rural schools suffer from lack of connectivity

Limitations around infrastructure, as well as low connection speeds and high cost of services, are hampering connectivity in rural areas in Brazil, according to a new study. The report released this week by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( looked at the state of connectivity in the country’s schools in 2018 and found that only 34 percent of institutions located… Read more →

Contractor who stole 50TB of NSA data gets nine years in prison

NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Md. (Image: file photo) TechRepublic Digital transformation: A cheat sheet Read More Harold Thomas Martin III, a former National Security Agency contractor who was accused and later pled guilty to stealing over 50TB of NSA data, was sentenced today to nine years in prison. Martin was arrested in October 2016 after the FBI raided his… Read more →

Time for Apple to dump Intel

Intel has been stuck in a bit of a quagmire as of late. It’s 10-nanometer processors have experienced delays, while the CEO admits that it won’t have 7-nanometer parts to compete with AMD out until 2021. I wonder how Apple – one of Intel’s flagship customers – feels about this. Must read: iPhone, iPad, and Mac buyer’s guide: July 2019… Read more →

Oakland follows San Francisco’s lead in banning facial recognition tech

New North Korea-linked malware strain puts FBI and DHS under alert Electricfish malware is used to forge covert pathways out of infected Windows PCs. Oakland’s City Council has unanimously voted to ban the use of facial recognition technologies by local government agencies, becoming the third US city to tackle the issue of facial surveillance head-on.  City officials will not permit… Read more →

A Rust-based TLS library outperformed OpenSSL in almost every category

TechRepublic Cheat sheet: TensorFlow, an open source software library for machine learning Read More A tiny and relatively unknown TLS library written in Rust, an up-and-coming programming language, outperformed the industry-standard OpenSSL in almost every major category. The findings are the result of a recent four-part series of benchmarks [1, 2, 3, 4] carried out by Joseph Birr-Pixton, the developer… Read more →

Japan to create SWIFT replacement for global cryptocurrency trading

Walmart China turns to blockchain for food safety PwC and VeChain used for blockchain system that will cover 100 product lines by the end of 2019. The Japanese government is planning to lead a global effort to create an international platform suitable for managing the exchange of cryptocurrencies.  The system would be akin to SWIFT, a global financial messaging service… Read more →

American Airlines to offer free Wi-Fi? Here’s what it’ll cost you

Good WiFi, but the rest? Screenshot by ZDNet Flying has become a little less glamorous. Delays are commonplace. Cancellations are regular, too. And even the latest planes, like the Boeing 737 MAX, seem to have been created with commercial exigencies more prominent than those of, say, safety. Still, there’s one thing flyers crave on a flight. No, not food or… Read more →

Google cleans out stalker, spyware apps from Play Store

Agent Smith malware will replace your apps with ad-infested clones The new Android malware operation is preparing to invade the Google Play Store. Google has cleared apps out of the Google Play Store whose primary purpose is to spy on the mobile activity of workers, partners, and children.  This week, researchers from Avast said that seven applications creator for the… Read more →