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Trump’s trade war with China is leaving tech with a growing tab, trade group warns

President Trump’s trade war with China is taking a hefty financial toll on the US tech industry, a trade group warns. In May 2019 alone, tariffs on imported Chinese products cost the industry $1.3 billion — that’s six times higher than May 2018, despite a 31 percent decline in imports, according to the Consumer Technology Association.  Tariffs paid by the… Read more →

São Paulo subway to deploy surveillance system with facial recognition

The Brazilian city of São Paulo will see facial recognition technology applied to the surveillance systems of its subway network. The company operating the majority of the city’s subway network, Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (METRO), has launched a tender for a new set-up to replace its current legacy system and a non-integrated estate of 2200 cameras, of which… Read more →

Singapore government systems still weak in IT controls

IT controls in several Singapore government entities including the Defence Ministry have been found to be weak, where third-party access rights are lax and the logging and review activities of privileged users inadequate. There also have been lapses in the management of user access rights, where some of these privileged users are staff of IT vendors. These findings were released… Read more →

Microsoft’s latest holoportation demo shows off its mixed reality, AI, translation technologies

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft is continuing to pitch the promises of its mixed reality technology in the workplace. In a new demonstration, officials showed off a scenario where a life-sized holographic representation of a person could be beamed into a scenario with real-time simultaneous language translation happening  — a communication scenario on which Microsoft has been working for years. At Microsoft’s… Read more →

To the Moon: Grumman, the company that built Apollo 11’s Lunar Module

Apollo 11 moon landing highlights (CBS News) Here’s what America watched as history was made in 1969. This article was originally published in July of 2009. The Apollo Lunar Module, or “LEM” for short, was a highly specialized spacecraft built by Grumman Aircraft Engineering which was designed to land on the lunar surface and return the astronauts to the Command Module in lunar… Read more →

Amazon touts record Prime Day 2019 sales, device sales and provides boost for e-commerce overall

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The business strategy behind the sale ZDNet’s Larry Dignan explains that, yes, Amazon Prime Day is a big shopping bonanza for 48 hours, but there are some business perks that come with launching one of the e-commerce giant’s biggest events. Read more: Amazon said its Prime Day 2019 sale moved more than 175 million items… Read more →

Malware framework creates one billion fake Google Adsense ad impressions in only a few months

YouTube instructional hacking videos: To ban or not to ban YouTube removed ‘instructional hacking’ content from a prominent educational channel. Supporters fought back. Researchers have revealed a new malware framework which focuses on bumping up advert impressions to generate fraudulent revenue for operators.  On Wednesday, cybersecurity firm Flashpoint said the framework has been responsible for over one billion fraudulent Google… Read more →

Bluetooth exploit can track and identify iOS, Microsoft mobile device users

Fast Pair: Google’s tech to woo Bluetooth device makers Google is inviting Bluetooth device makers to adopt Fast Pair for easier pairing with Android. A flaw in the Bluetooth communication protocol may expose modern device users to tracking and could leak their ID, researchers claim.  The vulnerability can be used to spy on users despite native OS protections that are… Read more →

OpenNIC drops support for .bit domain names after rampant malware abuse

Disorganized crime and state-backed hackers: The cybercrime landscape is changing Steve Ranger discusses how criminal groups and hackers backed by nation sates are working together to make money and cause significant trouble. OpenNIC, an organization that runs an alternative DNS network, has voted to drop support for .bit domains after rampant abuse from malware operators. Besides problems with malware botnets,… Read more →