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Microsoft is starting to auto-update Windows 10 Home, Pro users on 1803 or older to 1903

Microsoft officials said last month that they were putting AI algorithms in place that would automatically update those on older variants of Windows 10 to 1903, the May 2019 Update via Windows Update. Today, July 16, is the day when this auto-updating process is kicking off, according to the Windows Update Twitter account. As of today, Microsoft is starting to… Read more →

Pivotal fully embraces Kubernetes

Pivotal on Tuesday introduced the alpha version of Pivotal Application Service (PAS) on Kubernetes, as well as new products for Kubernetes based on PAS features. Pivotal’s full embrace of Kubernetes will have benefits for the company behind the scenes, as well as for its customers who see Kubernetes as the future of software development.  Many customers “are very interested in… Read more →

Windows 10: Has Microsoft cleaned up its update mess? (Spoiler: no)

Managing Windows 10 updates will always be a struggle for Microsoft Microsoft is overhauling how it delivers Windows 10 updates. But the almost infinite variation of PCs will make that an uphill struggle. We are days away from the fourth anniversary of Windows 10’s initial release, which also marks the beginning of the “Windows as a service” era…. Read more →

Permission-greedy apps delayed Android 6 upgrade so they could harvest more user data

CNET Best Phones for 2019 Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. Read More Android app developers intentionally delayed updating their applications to work on top of Android 6.0, so they could continue to have access to an older permission-requesting mechanism that granted them easy access to large quantities of user data, research published by the… Read more →

Singapore looks to establish new standards for emerging technologies

Singapore is looking to introduce at least 40 standards to help guide the development and adoption of new technologies, such as drones, additive manufacturing, and video analytics. Singapore Standards Council (SSC) over the past year has been publishing new standards to support nascent sectors including areas identified under the country’s smart nation efforts and industry transformation roadmaps.  These encompassed 19… Read more →

Hacker steals data of millions of Bulgarians, emails it to local media

A mysterious hacker (or hacker group) has stolen the personal details of millions of Bulgarians and has emailed download links to the stolen data to local news publications. The data’s origin is believed to be the country’s National Revenue Agency (NRA), a department of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance. In a message posted on its website on Monday, the NRA… Read more →

Samsung, Visual Labs aim to consolidate police body cameras into smartphones

Law enforcement organizations may be starting to use smartphones as body worn cameras to save money, use more connectivity via FirstNet and lighten the load of devices carried by officers. For instance, Samsung and Visual Labs outlined how deputies in the Kit Carson County Sheriff’s Office in Burlington, CO are using Galaxy S9 smartphones as a way to consolidate the… Read more →