Cisco brings unified experience to Webex Teams, Jabber

Cisco said on Tuesday that it is unifying its collaboration portfolio to simply the experience for users and IT administrators. The networking giant said all of its devices are now on the same operating system and that all of its apps now have improved interoperability. 

For instance, Cisco said Jabber — its platform for communicating via video, instant messaging, voice, and conferencing — will now mirror the look and feel of Webex Teams by the end of summer. 

“Do you prefer Jabber and your boss prefers Teams? No worries,” Cisco wrote in its announcement. “Type your note in Jabber and it’s going to immediately show up in the Teams app, just like that. We call this a ‘unified experience’. And while it’s great for users, it is also amazing for IT teams.”

Cisco also announced that its AI-driven People Insights, originally available for Webex meetings, will be available across portfolio –including calling, messaging, meetings, and Jabber.

“We’re going to keep bringing customers layer after layer of rich intelligence and context, while also making sure we provide the best, most seamless experience, across our entire portfolio,” said Amy Chang, SVP of Cisco Collaboration, in a press release. “We’re delivering technology that works smoothly together and is backed by intelligence and business insights.”


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Cisco brings unified experience to Webex Teams, Jabber
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