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Microsoft acquires Pull Panda for code-review collaboration

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft has acquired GitHub tool vendor Pull Panda for an undisclosed amount, the company announced on June 17. Microsoft plans to use Pull Panda’s technology to improve code-review workflows on GitHub, officials said. The year-and-a-half old Pull Panda provides Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics and Pull Assigner to improvde the code-review process. Pull Reminders allow developers to notify developers… Read more →

A quarter of major CMSs use outdated MD5 as the default password hashing scheme

Over a quarter of all the major content management systems (CMSs) use the old and outdated MD5 hashing scheme as the default for securing and storing user passwords. Some of the projects that use MD5 as the default method for storing user passwords include WordPress, osCommerce, SuiteCRM, Simple Machines Forum, miniBB, MyBB, SugarCRM, CMS Made Simple, MantisBT, Phorum, Observium, X3cms,… Read more →

Microsoft finally releases Hyper-V Server 2019

The Windows 10 October 2018/1809 release was Microsoft’s most problematic feature update wave (so far, anyway). After pulling and reissuing the 1809 releases, one particular variant remained missing — until June 15, 2019, that is. Microsoft quietly began to roll out Hyper-V Server 2019 on Saturday. This happened after months of promises by Microsoft officials that Hyper-V Server was on… Read more →

AT&T Business: Customer experience and digital transformation (CxOTalk interview)

Customer experience and digital transformation live at the intersection of technology, corporate culture, and organizational change. Although technology and data help us understand customers and create personalized experiences, taking advantage of these capabilities presents a harder challenge. For established organizations, the keys to creating great customer experiences are culture, incentives, mindset, and process. In other words, getting everyone — from… Read more →

Brazilian smartphone market grew in revenue in Q1 2019

Brazil’s mobile phone market has seen a revenue boost in the first quarter of 2019 as number of units sold dropped, according to research from analyst house IDC. Revenue during the period reached 13.7 million reais ($3.5 million), up 8 percent on the first quarter of 2018, according to the report Brazil Mobile Phone Tracker. Some 10.7 million smartphones were… Read more →

SIM swap horror story: I’ve lost decades of data and Google won’t lift a finger

The most hacked passwords: Is yours one of them? Your name, your favorite football team and your favourite band: The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has released a list of the 100,000 most common passwords to appear in data breaches. Read more: At 11:30 pm on Monday, 10 June, my oldest daughter shook my shoulder to wake me up… Read more →

iOS 13: Your iPhone could also be your passport and ID card

iOS 13 will give iPhones the ability to read more NFC tags, including those embedded into official documents and ID cards, expanding the feature away from just shopping. Must read: Build your own $20,000 Windows 10 workstation German tech blog first spotted the announcement made by Germany’s interior ministry that iOS 13 will allow iPhone users to load ID… Read more →

Nvidia brings Arm support to its GPU platform for supercomputing

Nvidia announced on Monday that it’s adding support for Arm’s CPU architecture to its GPU platform. The chipmaker said the aim is to offer energy efficient supercomputing by marrying the fast execution of Arm CPUs with Nvidia-optimized processing power. Nvidia has invested in Arm for ten years with a focus on embedded markets and the self-driving car space, and said… Read more →

IBM adding recommended bias monitors to Watson OpenScale

Algorithms will need transparency governance to avoid unintended consequences and risk ZDNet’s Larry Dignan caught up with Wharton professor Kartik Hosanagar to talk about his book, “A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence” and his arguments for transparency and regulation for algorithms and artificial intelligence and what companies need to do to avoid unintended consequences. IBM is rolling out recommended Watson… Read more →

CRM Watchlist 2019 winners: The big engines that could part one — Infor and SAP

Tech news roundup: Microsoft Build, Google I/O, and SAP Sapphire Karen Roby gives a snapshot of this week’s news coverage on TechRepublic and ZDNet. The stories include three major conferences, a telecom data breach, and the number of CIOs implementing AI. So, the little engine that could — meaning, what passes for my writing skills — is still chugging along,… Read more →

Equifax breach impacted the online ID verification process at many US govt agencies

The 2017 Equifax security breach has thrown a wrench in the process used by US government agencies to verify the identity of US citizens applying for various benefits via its online portals. This process, called online identity verification or remote identity proofing, relied on data provided by credit reporting agencies (CRAs) like Equifax, as a proof of the applicant’s identity…. Read more →

Houdini malware targets victims with keylogger, online bank account theft tools

Inside Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations report ZDNet’s Larry Dignan tells TechRepublic’s Karen Roby that the contents of Verizon’s 2019 Data breach Investigations report finds that nation states and espionage are becoming a worry for businesses. Read more: A new variant of the Houdini malware has been detected in campaigns against financial institutions and their customers. Last week, cybersecurity… Read more →