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Yubico to replace vulnerable YubiKey FIPS security keys

Image: Yubico TechRepublic Raspberry Pi: A cheat sheet Read More Yubico said today it plans to replace certain hardware security keys because of a firmware flaw that reduces the randomness of cryptographic keys generated by its devices. Affected products include models part of the YubiKey FIPS Series, a line of YubiKey authentication keys certified for use on US government networks… Read more →

Unconventional wisdom: Explore paying the ransom in parallel with other recovery options

Your files could be at risk from fresh ransomware technique This file-locking malware family has evolved a new tactic which abuses trust to create new ransomware victims. Your organization has just received ransom notices across your infrastructure, informing you of what you already fear: All your critical business data has been encrypted. You are angry that someone’s moved your cheese,… Read more →

Dunnhumby hires new Brazil head

Customer data specialist firm Dunnhumby has appointed a new head for its Brazil operations. The British company appointed Flávia Villani, an executive with several years of experience in the retail industry, for the top role in the country. executive guide Business analytics: The essentials of data-driven decision-making Data shows that data-driven organizations perform better. But what does it take to… Read more →

Exim email servers are now under attack

Exim servers, estimated to run nearly 57% of the internet’s email servers, are now under a heavy barrage of attacks from hacker groups trying to exploit a recent security flaw in order to take over vulnerable servers, ZDNet has learned. At least two hacker groups have been identified carrying out attacks, one operating from a public internet server, and one… Read more →

Great last-minute Father’s Day gifts for 2019

Fun and functional Raspberry Pi accessories (June 2019 edition) Use a Raspberry Pi in your hardware projects? You’ll want to take a look at these amazing, useful, and highly functional accessories. Source Article from last-minute Father’s Day gifts for 2019 blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Fish ponds disguised theft of oil field power in cryptocurrency mining scheme

How to build trust in cryptocurrency Bill Barhydte, founder and CEO of ABRA, tells Tonya Hall why it’s important to build trust in cryptocurrency in order to improve access to global financial markets with cryptocurrency. Exploiting PCs and hardware in order to illicitly and covertly mine for cryptocurrency, a technique also known as cryptojacking, is a concept often associated with… Read more →

Tools and tunes: 14 unique, geeky, affordable Father’s Day gifts for 2019

Cool tools for Dad you won’t find at the mall David Gewirtz’s top gift ideas for Father’s Day include some unusual and unexpected products, not just more of what Dad has already seen at his local big box store. It’s time to pick that perfect gift for Dad. Father’s Day is nearly upon us. In this article and its accompanying… Read more →

SEC security alert warns about misconfigured NAS, DBs, and cloud storage servers

Securities and Exchange Commission. (Image: WSJ/Twitter) A security risk alert sent out by the US Securities and Exchange Commission warns companies, especially broker-dealers and investment firms, about the dangers of storing customer information on network storage solutions — such as NAS devices, database servers, and cloud storage accounts. The alert was sent out at the end of May by the… Read more →

Google’s language techniques help O2 Czech Republic reveal network secrets

Czech VR firm is bringing sports bootcamp to the masses Among the VR standouts at CES 2018, this company is bringing advanced athletic training to the masses. O2 Czech Republic has demonstrated that Word2vec, a neural-network technique developed to understand human languages, can interpret raw cell-tower data, potentially improving network performance.  It also hopes to develop the technique to uncover… Read more →

Outlaw hackers return with cryptocurrency mining botnet

Wary of hacking, China will develop its own operating system for the military Chinese military won’t replace Windows with Linux, but develop a custom OS instead. The Outlaw hacking group has reemerged and is once again on the radar of cybersecurity researchers following the detection of a botnet attacking systems to mine for cryptocurrency. The botnet spreads a miner for… Read more →