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Microsoft blocks BLE security keys with known pairing vulnerability

Image: ZDNet Microsoft said today it plans to block the pairing of certain Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security keys on Windows due to a vulnerability its engineers discovered in the BLE pairing protocol earlier this year. The vulnerability Microsoft is referencing is the same security flaw that forced Google to recall all BLE-based Titan security keys last month, and offer… Read more →

Microsoft’s June 2019 Patch Tuesday fixes many of SandboxEscaper’s zero-days

Image: Microsoft Microsoft has published today its monthly roll-up of security updates, known as Patch Tuesday. This month, the OS maker has patched 88 vulnerabilities, among which 21 received a rating of “Critical,” the company’s highest severity ranking. Furthermore, the May 2019 Patch Tuesday also included fixes for four of the five zero-days that a security researcher and exploit seller… Read more →

Salesforce and Tableau: How they can better serve customers together

Salesforce’s Parker Harris on managing complex IT integrations and handing the inevitable crisis At Salesforce TrailheaDX 2019, Parker Harris shared his advice for tech leaders on everything from multiplatform integration to managing a crisis. Salesforce $15.7 billion mega acquisition will add revenue and blunt a Microsoft competitive threat, but long-term benefits will depend on deeper integration and additive innovation. Special… Read more →

Dropbox relaunches with new user experience, apps and integrations

Dropbox on Tuesday unveiled a revamped user experience across all of its platforms, creating what it describes as a new integrated workspace and the biggest user-facing change in the company’s history. In a nutshell, the file storage company updated the Dropbox desktop experience,, and the mobile app, and rolled out native integrations with Slack, Zoom and Atlassian. On the content… Read more →

Cisco brings unified experience to Webex Teams, Jabber

Cisco said on Tuesday that it is unifying its collaboration portfolio to simply the experience for users and IT administrators. The networking giant said all of its devices are now on the same operating system and that all of its apps now have improved interoperability.  For instance, Cisco said Jabber — its platform for communicating via video, instant messaging, voice,… Read more →

‘RAMBleed’ Rowhammer attack can now steal data, not just alter it

A team of academics from the US, Austria, and Australia, has published new research today detailing yet another variation of the Rowhammer attack. The novelty in this new Rowhammer variety — which the research team has named RAMBleed — is that it can be used to steal information from a targeted device, as opposed to altering existing data or to… Read more →

Evite e-invite website admits security breach

Evite, a social planning and e-invitations service, and one of the biggest sites on the Internet, has officially admitted to a security breach that ZDNet first reported back in April. At the time, a hacker named Gnosticplayers put up for sale the customer data of six companies, including Evite. The hacker claimed to be selling ten million Evite user records… Read more →

Medtronic, IBM study: Machine learning, app, glucose monitoring hardware combo improves diabetes management

Science-based healthcare: How IoT and AI can help us make health decisions Philippe Kahn, CEO of Fullpower Technologies and creator of the first phone camera, talks about how the combination of IoT and sensor technology with machine learning and AI is leading to a digital transformation of healthcare and wellness research. Read more: Special Feature The NHS and technology:… Read more →

Logitech launches Sync to monitor, manage video conferencing devices

Logitech unveils modular video conferencing system Rally is a modular system comprising a 4K PTZ camera, a separate speaker, a microphone pod and two hubs — one for connecting microphones and a laptop or PC, and one for attaching a display and speaker. Read more: special feature How to Optimize the Smart Office New technologies are optimizing today’s offices… Read more →

Salesforce-Tableau, other BI deals flow; the tally’s now five in a row

In just under the last ten weeks, the BI/visual analytics world has seen no less than five acquisition deals completed or announced. The most significant of these, Salesforce‘s intention to acquire Tableau, was announced yesterday. And it followed quickly on the heels of Google‘s announcement on Thursday that it would acquire Looker and make it part of the Google Cloud… Read more →