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Amazon shares how it leverages AI throughout the business

For its inaugural re:Mars conference, Amazon invited attendees it calls “dreamers and builders” — business leaders, scientists and others who are making contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. During the Wednesday keynote at the Las Vegas event, Amazon brandished its own AI credentials, making the case to its potential customers and partners that its teams —… Read more →

Amazon intros new deep learning models to make Alexa more conversational

Amazon on Wednesday announced Alexa Conversations, a deep learning-based approach for developers to create natural voice experiences on Alexa. The toolset, currently in preview, lets developers build natural skill dialogs with fewer lines of code and less training data, Amazon said. To use Conversations, developers provide API access to their skills’ functionality, a sample of dialogs annotated with the prompts… Read more →

Apple deprecates SHA-1 certificates in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

TLS 1.3 is out: Major boost for web security Expect wide and fast adoption of the latest web encryption protocol after engineers finalise Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3. More than two years after Google, Firefox, and Microsoft have taken steps to deprecate TLS/SSL certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm, Apple has finally announced a similar measure this week. In… Read more →

How to clear your iPhone’s RAM

This is a trick to use when restarting your iPhone just isn’t enough to solve a problem, but you don’t want to go the nuclear option and carry out a factory reset. Must read: WWDC 2019: The new Mac Pro This is one of those tricks that you don’t need to use that often, but when you do run into… Read more →

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 beta is now available

The future of IBM and Red Hat As IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat begins to unfold, TechRepublic’s Karen Roby looked to ZDNet’s Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols to gain a better understanding of the current state of company and what its future looks like now. Read more: Brave Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) users are already moving to RHEL 8. More… Read more →

Information Builders adds support for Kubernetes, Kafka and AI

The WebFOCUS portal design environment Credit: Information Builders Information Builders (IBI), the New York-based fixture in reporting and BI, continues its modernization campaign. Kicking off its Summit 2019 user conference in Orlando, FL, the first such gathering in the era of Frank Vella as CEO, IBI is showing new spring in its step. In fact, that company has been modernizing… Read more →

440 million Android users installed apps with an aggressive advertising plugin

Image: Zscaler Over the past year, roughly 440 million Android users have downloaded apps from the official Google Play Store that contained an advertising library that showed aggressive, out-of-app ads. This advertising library, called the BeiTaPlugin, was found embedded in 238 applications, Kristina Balaam, Security Intelligence Engineer at Lookout said in a report published today. Balaam said Lookout notified Google… Read more →

I just turned my Surface Book into a fancy leather-bound tome

Microsoft Research Asia leads the way in machine translation technology Global machine-learning competition sees Microsoft beat challengers in translating English to Chinese and a host of European languages. Microsoft’s Surface Book is a stylish design; so stylish that for a while I couldn’t bring myself to decorate it with stickers. But when Toast brought out their leather cover in (close… Read more →

Malboard: Hackers can now pose as victims through their keyboards

Alexa, are keyboards going extinct? Wishful thinking, maybe, but according to a recent survey there’s broad support for voice technology over tactile interfaces. A new form of cyberattack has been developed by researchers which is able to mimic a user’s identity through their keystrokes. The continual evolution of cyberattacks and their increasing sophistication has led to a situation where signature-based… Read more →

This is how hackers make money from your stolen medical data

Keeping your health records private in the data age Dr. Jennifer Miller, assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine, sits down with Tonya Hall to talk about being ethically responsible when working with digital health records. Data breaches have become so common that their impact, at least in many of our minds, has lessened. When we hear of so-many-millions… Read more →

Norway to public-sector suppliers: No e-invoice? No contract

Norway’s ‘little’ project: A 24-pentabyte digital library for future generations From ancient manuscripts to movies, the National Library of Norway wants to put it all online for the public. The Norwegian government has brought in regulations requiring that all parts of the public sector, both state and local government, demand e-invoices from their suppliers. TechRepublic Digital transformation: A cheat sheet… Read more →

The dark side of the WWDC 2019 keynote

It’s very easy to get carried away watching Apple’s WWDC keynote. There’s a lot of glitz and glamor, heart-tugging video clips, music, cheering, and clapping. And there’s lot and lots and lots of shiny new stuff clawing for attention. But if we step away from the intoxicating buzz, and dial the hype down a few notches from eleven, what did… Read more →