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Real world 5G not ready for primetime in 2019

Why all the 6G wireless talk before we even have 5G? TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talks with ZDNet’s Scott Fulton about the future of 6G, the current status of 5G, and breaks down the difference between the two. Read more: A couple of weeks ago, an unexpected entrant into the world of telco commentary pointed out that 5G in 2019… Read more →

Bulgarian IT expert arrested after demoing vulnerability in kindergarten software

Bulgarian authorities have arrested an IT specialist for demonstrating a security flaw in the software used by local kindergartens. The vulnerability allowed the IT expert, named Petko Petrov, to download the details of 235,543 citizens of Stara Zagora, a province in central Bulgaria with over 333,000 inhabitants. Petkov demoed the security flaw in a video he posted on Facebook earlier… Read more →

Half marathon training with the Polar Vantage V: Detailed plans, reports, and coaching lead to solid results

I ran with the Polar Vantage V for a month before posting my full review and then continued using it with the Polar 15-week half marathon training plan. Unlike four other plans I evaluated, the Polar plan offered various run lengths, including intervals, strength training with bodyweight exercises, dynamic stretching, and static stretching, which was exactly what I was looking… Read more →

Apple told me I’m boring and unproductive and it hurts

That looks entertaining. I wonder what that feels like. Image: Sarah Tew/CNET Apple and I have one thing in common. We both think I should be using my iPhone less. For years, this was something I worried about more than Apple did. Now, though, I’ve started getting these naggy Sunday notifications — as if it’s the weekly Sermon from Mount… Read more →

Serverless: applications only when you need them – no more, no less

The sharing economy has delivered dominant business models that have swept through a number of industries, such as taxi services and hotel accommodations, providing these items on a short-term, temporary basis. It’s fitting, then, that IT services also are seeing their own version of a “sharing economy” business model, with applications and systems also delivered on a short-term, temporary basis… Read more →

Singapore to issue digital bank licenses

Singapore has announced plans to issue up to five digital bank licenses as part of efforts to add market diversity and boost the banking system in the country, as it looks to become a digital economy. The move also is part of a market liberalisation journey spanning two decades and an extension of an existing internet banking framework that has… Read more →

President Trump lifts US ban on Huawei at G20 summit

Huawei ban: Winners, losers, and what’s at stake (a whole lot) ZDNet’s Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow talk with Karen Roby about how the security and trade brouhaha impacts everything from the future of regional carriers and the bottom lines of tech giants to 5G’s prospects and consumer’s pocketbooks. Read more: top picks The 10 best smartphones right now… Read more →

RHA T20 Wireless review: 12 hour battery with option for wired or wireless connectivity

WWDC 2019: Finally, Apple frees the iPad and Watch from iPhone’s shadow Can the iPad now become a serious business tool? Are the iPad and Mac platforms headed toward unification? Will developers take the time to get it right? TechRepublic’s Karen Roby gets some answers from Jason Perlow and Jason Cipriani. Read more: RHA Audio released the original T20… Read more →

Glassdoor survey: Employees give top rating to VMware’s CEO, but Zuckerberg plunges

Nine lies about work Ashley Goodall, senior vice president of leadership and team intelligence at Cisco, talks to Tonya Hall about the damaging lies inflicted on the typical workforce, such as making employees feel interchangeable by disregarding their most unique qualities. High praise from employees pushed VMWare’s Pat Gelsinger to No. 1 top CEO for 2019 from No. 78 last… Read more →

Fewer people seek AI jobs: is the market cooling off, or too hot to handle?

Over the past 12 months, AI job-posting growth has slowed, while interest in AI jobs has actually dipped.   Photo: Joe McKendrick However, that doesn’t mean AI is starting to fade away like some fevered fad. If anything, it may suggest that we’ve reached the point in which the available applicant pool has dried up. That’s the word from the… Read more →

Destination cloud: How healthcare organizations are future-proofing strategy and operations

Want to protect your health data? Read the fine print Jonathan Lomurro, partner at Lomurro Law, sits down with Tonya Hall to talk about steps that individuals need to take in order to protect their health data. What is digital health? Everything you need to know about the future of healthcare How and why tech’s big players are poised to… Read more →

India rocked by rumors of H-1B caps, but Pompeo visit allays fears

Anti-immigrant ads target tech workers along San Fransisco commute The ads are part of the overall attempt to safeguard the interests of the American tech worker and strangulate the foreign worker H-1B visa, even though a peek at the most successful and globally dominant American tech companies show they are stocked with immigrant founders and senior management. Reuters recently published… Read more →