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Emergency responders drop this squishy robot from 600 feet

Robots are seeing increased use in the direct aftermath of natural disasters. They can weave beneath rubble and spend time in radioactive environments that would fry a human. One of the most important functions a robot can perform in a disaster scenario is beaming vital sensor data to first responders.  But getting robots on the scene isn’t easy. Debris can… Read more →

OneCoin ‘CryptoQueen’ sued over alleged $4bn cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

Is the end in sight for cryptojacking cyberattacks? For some crooks, sneaky cryptocurrency mining may not be lucrative enough anymore. The question is, where do they go next? The operators of OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov and Ruja Ignatova, are at the heart of a new lawsuit which alleges the brother and sister duo ran a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme designed to dupe… Read more →

Researchers expose mass credit card stealing campaign

Inside Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations report ZDNet’s Larry Dignan tells TechRepublic’s Karen Roby that the contents of Verizon’s 2019 Data breach Investigations report finds that nation states and espionage are becoming a worry for businesses. Read more: A new credit card skimming scheme which involves over 100 websites is actively stealing the financial details of customers, researchers have… Read more →

New leaks of Iranian cyber-espionage operations hit Telegram and the Dark Web

Leakers publish source code of Iranian hacking tools APT34 hacking tools and victim data leaked on a secretive Telegram channel since last month. Two new leaks exposing Iranian cyber-espionage operations have been published online, via Telegram channels and websites on the Dark Web and the public Internet. One leak claims to contain operational data from the MuddyWater hacking group, while… Read more →

Piecing together Microsoft’s ‘people-centric’ computing strategy

Credit: O+A Like most tech vendors, Microsoft can’t get enough of buzzwords. One of Redmond’s current favorites is “people-centric.” Unlike some of Microsoft’s other catch phrases du jour, there’s actually some there there with people-centric. And it involves everything from lower level frameworks to office furniture (not kidding). “We’re not focused on devices or apps. We’re focused on people,” said… Read more →

Zero-power listening device for voice activated remote

I lose remotes. Pretty much all the time. When I look for them, usually in some state of desperation, I sometimes call out like a pet owner looking for a missing dog.  My remotes never call back. Always on: Google AI gives Android voice recognition that works on- or offline Google research suggests soon you won’t need a network connection… Read more →

Alpine Linux Docker images ship a root account with no password

Alpine Linux Docker images distributed via the official Docker Hub portal for the past three years and a half have been using a blank (NULL) password for the root account, security researchers from Cisco have revealed today. All Alpine Linux Docker images, since v3.3, are impacted, Cisco Talos said today in a security alert. The issue was first discovered back… Read more →

OpenShift 4: Red Hat’s on ramp for the hybrid cloud

With Red Hat, IBM to become the leading hybrid cloud provider This deal is the biggest Linux and open-source acquisition ever. What a hybrid cloud is in the ‘multi-cloud era,’ and why you may already have one What a hybrid cloud is in the ‘multi-cloud era,’ and why you may already have one Now that the services used by an… Read more →