Scaleway launches €1 per hour cloud Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU instances

Whether you’re looking to train complex models using machine learning or artificial intelligence, carry out data processing or large datasets, encoding ultra-high-definition video, or rendering large 3D models, having access to high-performance cloud-based GPU instances can save you time and money. And now with Scaleway offering access to a single configuration for only €1 ($1.13) per hour, it’s never been cheaper to offload your processing to the cloud.

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That €1 per hour gives you access to a lot of raw hardware power too. The Scaleway RENDER-S platform come with 10-core Xeon Gold 6148 processor (one of the best CPUs for artificial intelligence on the market), 45GB of RAM, 400GB of NVMe storage, 1 Gbit/s of bandwidth, and, most importantly, an Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU equipped with 16 GB of HBM2 graphic memory.

The platform also gives access to ready-to-use distros and a range or developer tools.

Again, all this for €1 per hour, or €500 (around $565) per month. This is highly competitive pricing, less than what Google or Microsoft or the other cloud GPU instance providers can offer.

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Scaleway launches €1 per hour cloud Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU instances
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