Microsoft is open-sourcing Windows Calculator on GitHub


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Microsoft is releasing the code and roadmap for its Windows Calculator as open source on GitHub. Microsoft announced on March 6 its plan to make Windows Calculator available under an MIT license for “clone-and-go” development projects.

Microsoft is making available to the community the Windows Calculator source code, build system, unit tests and roadmap. Microsoft is suggesting that the code might be of interest to those who want to see how different parts of the Calculator app work and who want to integrate the Calculator logic or UI into their own applications.

Developers are going to be able to participate in discussions; suggest new feature ideas; prototype new features; report or fix issues; and design and build together with Microsoft’s engineers. THose interested can use the Calculator source to learn about the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), XAML and Azure Pipelines and Fluent Design, officials said. 

The Windows Calculator project is here. Windows Calculator documentation is here.

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Microsoft is open-sourcing Windows Calculator on GitHub
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