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Cloudera eyes Cloudera Data Platform launch over next two quarters as AWS competition looms

Cloudera CEO Thomas Reilly said the company’s integration with Hortonworks–an acquisition that closed January 3–has been largely straightforward with plans to deliver the Cloud Data Platform over the next two quarters. However, the company’s fourth quarter results and first quarter outlook were disappointing relative to Wall Street estimates. What’s unclear is whether analysts had modeled Cloudera correctly with the Hortonworks… Read more →

US senators want to know how many times they’ve been hacked

Two US senators have requested the US Senate Sergeant at Arms to disclose details about cyber-attacks against the Senate and its members. The request has been made in a letter signed today by Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), both members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee. “Companies and executive branches are required by state and federal law to… Read more →

New BitLocker attack puts laptops storing sensitive data at risk

Image: Denis Andzakovic A security researcher has come up with a new method of extracting BitLocker encryption keys from a computer’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that only requires a $27 FPGA board and some open-sourced code. To be clear, this new BitLocker attack require physical access to a device and will result in the device’s destruction as the attacker needs… Read more →

Report: Facebook faces criminal probe for sharing user data

Federal prosecutors, according to the New York Times, have launched a criminal probe into Facebook’s data-sharing practices that gave more than 150 other tech firms extensive access to user information, sometimes without consent. A grand jury, overseen by prosecutors in the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York, has subpoenaed records from at least two prominent… Read more →

Microsoft might give Windows 10 Home users the option to pause updates for 35 days

Credit: Leopeva64-2 on Reddit Microsoft could be testing a new Windows 10 option which would allow Windows 10 Home users to pause updates for 35 days. Currently, Windows 10 Home users cannot really pause updates at all — beyond picking a time or “snoozing” them. Earlier this year, Windows 10 Home users running test builds of the 19H1 (Windows 10… Read more →

Malicious Counter-Strike 1.6 servers used zero-days to infect users with malware

Security researchers have discovered a network of malicious Counter-Strike 1.6 multiplayer servers that exploited remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in users’ gaming clients to infect them with a new malware strain named Belonard. The network has been shut down, researchers from Russian antivirus firm Dr.Web said in a report published on Monday. The entire operation relied on proxy multiplayer servers… Read more →

Red Team to help secure open-source software

Linux 5.0: What’s new (not much) It’s not like Linus Torvalds didn’t warn us. Linux 5.0 is out, but there’s no big updates to be found here. Read more: Who doesn’t want to secure software? After all, every day, there’s another major security violation bubbles up from the swamp of bad programs. To help deal with this, at… Read more →