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The revenge of the atoms can drive a new relationship with customers

How machine learning and AI are transforming customer support Tonya Hall sits down with Amit Sood, chief technology officer and head of product at Simplr, to talk about how the company is building custom data sets for customer support. Once, when traveling through US customs, MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte declared the value of his laptop at $2 million,… Read more →

Apple, Google, GoDaddy misissued TLS certificates with weak serial numbers

Major certificate authorities like Apple, Google, and GoDaddy have misissued over 1.2 million TLS certificates that featured an insufficiently long serial number of only 63 bits instead of the industry minimum of 64 bits. This problem does not pose a direct security threat to internet users today. However, it may lead to a large number of broken sites in the… Read more →

Dell EMC, Nvidia make AI reference architecture available

Dell EMC and Nvidia said a reference design for artificial intelligence workloads is now available and part of a portfolio of converged systems designed for machine learning and scaling next-gen workloads. The reference architecture combined Dell EMC all-flash Isilon F800 with the Nvidia DGX-1. AI is becoming a critical workload for enterprises and storage giants are rolling out building blocks… Read more →

Spotify files complaint in EU over Apple App Store: Why it may change developer economics

Spotify said it has filed a complaint in the European Commission over Apple’s App Store business practices in a move that highlights angst over Apple’s cut of app sales. In isolation, Spotify looks like a competitor dealing with encroachment by Apple Music. But when you add the moves by Netflix and Epic Games to use their own distribution and comments… Read more →

Apple looks for Swift growth with deeper industry collaboration in Singapore

More education institutions in Singapore will offer curriculum based on Apple’s Swift programming language, as the iPhone maker looks to expand its mobile app ecosystem and reach amongst app developers. The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and RMIT Online have introduced app development courses for adult learners using Swift, while special needs education institution Pathlight School will offer… Read more →

Terminal patient learns he’s going to die from a robot doctor

Last week, a terminally ill man was told he would die within a matter of days by a doctor beamed into the room via a telemedicine robot’s HD video screen. According to AP, 78-year-old Ernest Quintana was rushed to the hospital after suffering shortness of breath related to chronic lung disease. Quintana’s illness had already been diagnosed as terminal, but… Read more →

Top 10 must-have Mac apps and utilities

10 Apple products you shouldn’t buy (March 2019 edition) Apple products are expensive, so it makes sense to avoid buying anything that’s nearing the end of its lifecycle, or when you can buy something of equivalent quality from another vendor. … Source Article from 10 must-have Mac apps and utilities blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Why Apple’s streaming video service should lead to ‘Apple Prime’ subscription bundle

Apple’s next iPhones signal a new era for services Apple’s new iPhones may dazzle, but don’t get wowed by the devices. The iPhone X-ish designs and Apple hardware are really about keeping you locked in the ecosystem and selling various services and subscriptions. Apple’s likely move to launch a streaming video and subscription news products highlights the company’s effort to… Read more →

Google Chrome 73 released with dark mode support on macOS

Earlier today, Google began rolling out the latest Chrome release, version 73, which comes with support for a variety of new features, including support for hardware multimedia keys and a dark mode for macOS users. The Chrome 73 update is already live, and if your browser hasn’t received it already, users can request it manually by visiting their Chrome browser’s… Read more →

Microsoft March Patch Tuesday comes with fixes for two Windows zero-days

Microsoft rolled out today its monthly batch of security patches known as Patch Tuesday. This month, the Redmond-based company fixed 64 vulnerabilities, 17 of which were rated critical, including two zero-days affecting in its main product, the Windows operating system. First Windows zero-day The first of these zero-days is one that Google made public last week. Google said this zero-day… Read more →

Boeing plans autopilot software update after two 737 MAX crashes

Boeing is planning a hefty software update of its autopilot systems after two 737 MAX crashes that led to grounded airplanes globally. The aviation giant began developing a flight control software update for the 737 MAX following the deadly Lion Air crash in late 2018 aimed at increasing the safety of what they consider an already extremely safe aircraft.  The… Read more →

Open Distro for Elasticsearch is Amazon’s move to show it’s pro-open source

Why does AWS keep talking about “builders” instead of developers? “Builders” aren’t necessarily developers, explains Ariel Kelman, VP of worldwide marketing for AWS — they’re anyone within an organization with a certain mindset. must read How to choose your cloud provider: AWS, Google or Microsoft? Tech leaders share their cloud strategies and decision making. Read More Amazon Web Services (AWS)… Read more →