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Google: Chrome zero-day was used together with a Windows 7 zero-day

Image: Microsoft Google revealed today that a Chrome zero-day the company patched last week was actually used together with a second one, a zero-day impacting the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The two zero-days were part of ongoing cyber-attacks that Clement Lecigne, a member of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, discovered last week on February 27. The attackers were using a… Read more →

Okta to acquire integration platform Azuqua

Okta on Thursday announced its plans to acquire Azuqua, which offers a a no-code, integration platform to automate workflows. The $52.5 million deal represents Okta’s largest acquisition to date and is expected to close during Okta’s first fiscal quarter. Okta, an identity management firm, plans to use Azuqua to improve its Lifecycle Management product, which helps companies provision and deprovision… Read more →

Powtoon PowerPoint support now in beta

Now criminals turn to PowerPoint files to spread malware A vulnerability in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface is allowing criminals to spread malware without being detected by antivirus. The ability to easily turn PowerPoint presentations into professional-looking videos will be a game changer for many who struggle with creating great looking videos. Also: Microsoft delivers ‘AI-powered’ Presentation Translator… Read more →

Facebook removes disinformation accounts from the UK and Romania

Facebook removed today two separate disinformation networks that engaged in posting fake news, creating a political divide, and other coordinated and inauthentic behavior. The two disinformation networks –one operating in the UK and the second in Romania– were separate from one another and were only active in their respective countries. The largest of these two networks was the one active… Read more →

Google’s Rewarded Products helps developers monetize their user base

Google on Thursday introduced a new feature in Google Play that will make it easier for Android developers to monetize their user base. With Rewarded Products, developers can reward users with benefits like in-game currency in exchange for taking monetizable actions — like watching a video. The first rewarded product offering will produce video ads that users can watch to… Read more →

Microsoft says Windows 10 is now on more than 800 million devices

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft has resumed providing Windows 10 installation numbers on a more regular basis. On March 7, Microsoft officials said that Windows 10 is now installed on more than 800 million “active” devices, up from 700 million as of last fall. Microsoft revealed the newest Windows 10 installation number via a tweet by Corporate Vice President of Modern Life… Read more →

Microsoft cuts roughly 200 positions in its commercial sales business

Following a January reorg of its commercial sales business, Microsoft is cutting about 200 jobs in that organization, according to my sources. The move follows a reorg at the start of this year in Executive Vice President of Microsoft Worldwide Commercial Business Judson Altoff’s organization. Altoff’s January 2019 reorg was done in the name of “further accelerating our cloud growth… Read more →

Robotics leaders win "Oscars of Automation"

A robotics professor and an automation industry director have won the 2019 Engelberger Robotics Awards, the world’s most prestigious robotics honor. The awards were announced this week and will be presented in a special dinner at an industry trade show in April. Named for Joseph F. Engelberger, often called “the father of robotics,” the award honors excellence in technology development,… Read more →

Windows 10 version 1903: Act fast to delay this big upgrade

AI will decide when it’s the best time to install your next Windows 10 update Microsoft’s predictive model will try to determine whether you’ve just left for a coffee or have finished for the day so that it can deliver updates without interrupting your work. Use these settings in Windows 10 version 1803 to defer the next feature update for… Read more →

Singtel to buy $525M worth of India’s Bharti Airtel shares

Singtel has announced plans to purchase US$525 million worth of shares in Indian telco Bharti Airtel, which will use the funds to boost its balance sheet amidst continual investment in its networks and spectrum in “a highly competitive home market”. Airtel has been on a fund-raising bid, putting up to US$4.5 billion in shares and bonds, as it looks to… Read more →

UK says prison facial recognition tech, iris scanners deter smugglers

NEC and E.Sun create ATM with facial recognition Japanese conglomerate NEC has provided its facial recognition system for use in E.Sun bank’s ATMs. The UK has a serious problem when it comes to the jail system, and contraband including drugs, weaponry, and mobile phones only make the issue worse. A lack of funding, prison officers, and antiquated buildings are only… Read more →

Pirate Bay malware buries nuisance program bundles in a single click

Data breach leaves hundreds of POS units infected with malware Nearly 140 bars, restaurants, and coffee shops all over the US have had POS systems infected with malware. The Pirate Bay (TPB) has become a hotspot for the download of a new Trojan which comes laden with hidden spyware packages. TPB is a popular resource for finding .torrent files, used… Read more →