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Facebook’s privacy pivot vs. Microsoft’s 2002 security pivot: Facebook has more to prove

A compilation of Facebook’s worst data and privacy mishaps The company is held to a high standard by regulators worldwide and is expected to maintain adequate privacy protections and to not abuse the power it holds. But, does it? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined a privacy first vision for the social network that will make messaging more like the WhatsApp… Read more →

Facebook to refocus messaging around encryption and privacy

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that the company will rebuild many of its services around encryption and privacy. The changes will take years, Zuckerberg said, with the ultimate end-goal being the creation of a privacy-focused social platform that blends the community of a public social network with the intimacy and security of private messaging on WhatsApp.  The… Read more →

Your best loved brands, but where is tech?

Instagram, influencers, and brands: Does it work? Instagram is leading the way with influencer sponsored posts with a significant rise over the last year. Generating positive brand experiences that consumers are eager to talk about with friends and family, both offline and online, ensures companies place in the top loved brands this year. New York, NY-based data and analytics platform… Read more →

Google launches TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha

executive guide What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence A guide to artificial intelligence, from machine learning and general AI to neural networks. Read More Google on Wednesday announced a series of announcements related to TensorFlow, the open-source machine learning library that’s already been downloaded more than 41 million times. To make it even more accessible,… Read more →

Microsoft is open-sourcing Windows Calculator on GitHub

Credit: Microsoft Microsoft is releasing the code and roadmap for its Windows Calculator as open source on GitHub. Microsoft announced on March 6 its plan to make Windows Calculator available under an MIT license for “clone-and-go” development projects. Microsoft is making available to the community the Windows Calculator source code, build system, unit tests and roadmap. Microsoft is suggesting that… Read more →

E-commerce can’t deliver what consumers want, but social commerce can

Four trends that are changing the way we shop Retail isn’t going away, it’s transforming into a much more friendly digital experience that bridges brick-and-mortar with ecommerce. Consumers’ preferences are shifting — driven by mobile and social technologies — and they are demanding more from retailers than ever before. These characteristics have far-reaching impacts on our shopping habits, preferences, and… Read more →

Firefox to add Tor Browser anti-fingerprinting technique called letterboxing

Mozilla is scheduled to add a new user anti-fingerprinting technique to Firefox with the release of version 67, scheduled for mid-May this year. Called “letterboxing,” this new technique adds “gray spaces” to the sides of a web page when the user resizes the browser window, which are then gradually removed after the window resize operation has finished. Advertising networks often… Read more →

Gen Z willing to provide their personal data for more personalized experiences

YouTube to disable comments on videos featuring all minors Upping efforts to protect young people on its platform. The fast-emerging Generation Z has been stealing the limelight from the millennials. Apart from their nascent economic might, this born-digital generation points us toward trends that will have a profound effect on all future generations that only know life in an internet… Read more →

Mobile consumers make twice as many purchases by app than on mobile web

Big Data for all: Scanning robots with AI features to transform small retail companies Bossa Nova’s acquisition of HawXeye follows big funding rounds for the retail robotics company With the growth of the mobile economy, “m-commerce” transactions are projected to overtake e-commerce transactions globally in 2019. This trend shows how important it is for brands to get ahead of their mobile… Read more →

VMware Linux lawsuit moves closer to a resolution

VMware Cloud on AWS in Asia-Pacific now live out of Sydney VMware has on Monday announced the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Read more: Read this VMware hybrid cloud goes after the parts that AWS can’t reach Virtualisation specialist VMware on how it plans to become one of the biggest providers… Read more →

The reason why ji32k7au4a83 is a common and terrible password

Goodbye passwords: Android is now FIDO2 certified FIDO2 certification is paving the way for passwordless mobile security. Read more: At first glance, ji32k7au4a83 seems a step-up from today’s most common and insecure passwords such as password1 or the infamous qwerty12345. The random placement of letters and numbers could easily lead you to believe that the password has been crafted… Read more →

Barnes & Noble Education bets on digital service Bartleby, but competition is fierce

Barnes & Noble Education is in a race to go digital amid steep competition in the higher education textbook market as well as customer shifts. The big question is whether its new digital platform, called Bartleby, can scale fast enough to offset a decline in its traditional business. Bartleby is a subscription service that offers textbooks and experts to help… Read more →