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Lyft’s IPO filing reveals nearly $1B in net losses in 2018

Lyft on Friday shared the details of its plans to go public on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol LYFT. The ride-hailing service had previously announced that it confidentially filed an IPO. In the S-1 form filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, Lyft revealed that its revenue is growing quickly as it gains market share —… Read more →

Chrome and Firefox are borrowing from each other’s performance features

The Google Chrome and Firefox teams are both borrowing features from each others’ browsers as part of ongoing efforts to improve the speed and reliability of their projects. This focus on improving browser performance has become a major concern for both browser projects, as both Chrome and Firefox have been increasingly characterized in recent years as slow and resource hungry…. Read more →

eBay considers another corporate split

eBay is pondering a corporate split in another investor-led reexamination of the company’s performance. The e-commerce company announced Friday that its board has approved a “strategic review” of eBay’s assets, including StubHub and eBay Classifieds Group. “Over the course of the last two months, we’ve met with a number of shareholders to understand their views,” said eBay’s chief executive Devin… Read more →

Technology and the Arts: Celebrating Ballerina, a computer language of integration

WSO2, an enterprise open source integration company, celebrated its open-source Ballerina computer language with dozens of real ballerinas this week at the San Francisco Opera House for a performance of “Sensorium” by the San Francisco Ballet. Also: Artists use AR to display politically-charged art  The sold-out event, where the main and only sponsor was an open-source computer language, was a rare… Read more →

More than just a giant smartphone: Pulse Smart Hubs offer maps, phone calls and defibrillators alongside the ads

Pulse Smart Hubs look like giant smartphones, and their most obvious function is to display adverts on city streets, but that advertising income supports a wide range of useful civic functions. Some are visible on the sides of the hubs, while others are only visible to other devices, such as the free public Wi-Fi connection. You’re unlikely to have seen… Read more →

Here’s how to securely wipe your Android smartphone for resale

New Thai laws allow government to access information without warrants: Report Government will be able to seize, search, infiltrate, and make copies of computers, computer systems, and information in computers without a court warrant, Reuters has reported. … Source Article from’s how to securely wipe your Android smartphone for resale blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Linux servers targeted by new Chinese crypto-mining group

A new cyber-criminal group that is believed to operate out of China has been hacking into Linux servers since last fall and installing a new strain of malware that mines cryptocurrency. Discovered by security researchers at Intezer, this new group –which they named Pacha Group– hasn’t targeted Linux servers directly, but the apps that run on top. Experts say Pacha… Read more →

Features we initially mocked, but then came to love

Tech that stole our heart or broke it With Valentine’s Day around the corner, ZDNet’s contributors and editors were reminded of all the technology they were infatuated with, either in their past or present, as well as … Source Article from we initially mocked, but then came to love blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

So long Amazon Dash button: An experiment that delivered intangible value to Amazon on many fronts

So long, Amazon’s Dash button. Thanks for the memories and experiment that likely provided more than a few intangible benefits for the e-commerce giant. CNET’s Ben Fox Rubin reported that Amazon will stop selling its Dash buttons globally. He writes: One of the concepts that best captures the quirky imagination of the world’s largest online retailer is the Dash button,… Read more →

How to clean up after a battery leak

Best of MWC 2019: Cool tech you can buy or pre-order this year Between all the 5G devices and foldable phones, it might seem like nearly everything announced at MWC 2019 is too futuristic to purchase soon. In reality, many of these new gadgets … Source Article from to clean up after a battery leak blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs… Read more →

19-year-old makes millions from ethical hacking

A 19-year-old has made over $1 million in his quest to find and report vulnerabilities in software and online services. Santiago Lopez from Argentina, who operates under the moniker @try_to_hack, joined the bug bounty crowdfunding platform HackerOne in 2015. Since this year, Santiago has reported over 1,670 separate bugs which impact products offered by vendors including Verizon Media Company, Twitter,… Read more →