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M1 to delist, begin ‘transformation journey’

M1 shareholders Keppel and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) are exercising their rights to acquire all remaining shares and delist the telco from the Singapore Exchange, following a successful buyout bid last month. The move will enable M1 to begin a “multi-year transformational journey” so it can better compete in the market and “reinvigorate” its services. Keppel and SPH launched a… Read more →

Google open-sources project for sandboxing C/C++ libraries on Linux

Image: Google Google has open-sourced today a project for sandboxing C and C++ libraries running on Linux systems. The project’s name is the Sandboxed API, a tool that Google has been using internally for its data centers for years. The Sandboxed API is now available on GitHub, together with the documentation needed to help other programmers sandbox their C and… Read more →

Pure Storage, Nvidia, Cisco launch AI hyperscale systems

Pure Storage said Monday that it has combined its AIRI artificial intelligence platform with Nvidia’s DGX-1 and DGX-2 hyperscale systems and rolled out a new FlashStack for AI with Cisco and Nvidia. The effort highlights how storage players are lining up with Nvidia to create hyperscale systems designed for AI and machine learning. Last week, Dell EMC said its system… Read more →

Atlassian to acquire AgileCraft for enterprise agile planning

Atlassian on Monday announced plans to plans to acquire AgileCraft, a Texas-based firm that helps large enterprises scale the benefits of agile teamwork across the company. The acquisition is valued at approximately $166 million, comprising approximately $154 million in cash with the remainder in Atlassian restricted shares. The deal is expected to close in April. AgileCraft’s software was effectively created… Read more →

U.S. Department of Energy plans exaFlop supercomputer in 2021

The rise of supercomputers Though the personal computer was born from garage projects, the supercomputer had been declining to the back of the garage. That’s until a handful of trends conspired to poke the reset button for the industry. Read more: The U.S. Department of Energy said it will deliver its first exaFlop supercomputer named Aurora built on Cray’s… Read more →

New Mirai malware variant targets signage TVs and presentation systems

Security researchers have spotted a new variant of the Mirai IoT malware in the wild targeting two new classes of devices –smart signage TVs and wireless presentation systems. This new strain is being used by a new IoT botnet that security researchers from Palo Alto Networks have spotted earlier this year. The botnet’s author(s) appears to have invested quite a… Read more →

Apple’s criticism of Google and Facebook is a bit of a joke

Seroiusly? (Screenshot: ZDNet) Apple CEO Tim Cook adores One Republic. Surely, then, he has a good grasp of humor. Also: Facebook’s privacy pivot vs Microsoft’s 2002 security pivot  Yet when you see him talk about privacy, you see a man deeply committed and wholly serious about it being a moral issue. It’s not surprising, then, that Apple has chosen to advertise… Read more →

Salesforce Research: Knowledge graphs and machine learning to power Einstein

What’s new in the graph database world? Here’s a quick recap New players, new features, platforms, and ticking boxes. Graph databases, and Neo4j, are moving on. A super geeky topic, which could have super important repercussions in the real world. That description could very well fit anything from cold fusion to knowledge graphs, so a bit of unpacking is in… Read more →

BlackBerry intros Radar H2 telematics device for freight and shipping companies

BlackBerry on Monday launched BlackBerry Radar H2, a new data-driven asset monitoring device for freight and shipping companies. BlackBerry’s Radar platform offers IoT logistics and asset tracking to give fleet managers an aggregate view of operations in near real-time. The latest offering is an add-on device that expands the core capabilities of the Radar-M trailer telematics product.  Special Feature Special Report:… Read more →

Behind the scenes: How Laika creates high-tech, stop-motion animation

27 Star Wars goodies you can download and 3D print right now Whether it’s an R2D2 egg cup, Darth Vader’s melting mask, or storm trooper snow flake ornaments, if you can think of it, you can 3D print it. Source Article from the scenes: How Laika creates high-tech, stop-motion animation blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Is it still a good idea to publish proof-of-concept code for zero-days?

More often than not, the publication of proof-of-concept (PoC) code for a security flaw, especially a zero-day, has led to the quick adoption of a vulnerability by threat actors who usually start attacks within hours or days, and don’t give end-users enough time to patch impacted systems. There has been a debate about this issue, especially when the PoC code… Read more →

Windows 10 April 2019 Update: The new features that matter most

The ultimate MacBook accessory: The Anker 7-in-1 USB-C hub If you’re an owner of a newer MacBook, then you’ll know that your choice of ports has dwindled down to, well, USB-C ports. But fear not! This doesn’t mean that you need to buy new accessories. … Source Article from 10 April 2019 Update: The new features that matter most… Read more →