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Apple disables Group FaceTime function that was allowing callers to listen and view without your consent

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my iPhone XS and a Galaxy Note 9 for the past few days. After switching to the iPhone and jumping on Twitter I read about a major security issue with FaceTime from Benji Mobb’s Twitter video. I immediately tested this out with my family and was a bit rattled by the results. Also: I asked… Read more →

OWC releases ThunderBlade Gen 2 high-performance external SSD

Looking for high-performance external Thunderbolt storage for working with 4K and 8K video? Look no further than OWC’s new ThunderBlade Gen 2 external SSD is worth taking a look at. And if one isn’t enough for you, you can daisy-chain up to six ThunderBlades for more storage and even higher performance. Must read: 2019: The Apple products you shouldn’t buy… Read more →

BETT 2019: Portugal’s JP.IK is keeping the Classmate PC idea alive

The Slide T301 is JP.IK’s new 2-in-1 Windows 10 machine for kids. It works with an active pen and even has a built-in carrying handle. Photo: JP.IK Intel’s Classmate PC reference design has a proud history in the educational computing market, and led directly to the netbook, which was popular with consumers from 2007 to 2012. The netbook boom was… Read more →

Can you trust the personal Internet of Things?

Some of us are really excited about a world of human-implantable Internet of Things (IoT). I’m not keen on it. You see, a few years back, in the TV series Homeland, the US Vice President was assassinated by a terrorist who hacked into his heart pacemaker.  Could that really happen? Yes.  Also: The internet of human things: Implants for everybody and… Read more →

Apple gets egg all over its FaceTime

Face it, Apple doesn’t look good here. (Image: Screenshot by ZDNet) If you’re going to be holier than thou, please make sure that thou doesn’t discover you’re just as untrustworthy as all the others. For years now, Apple has protested that its dedication to user privacy is akin to that of a priest who would never, ever repeat the affairs… Read more →

My iPhone’s battery wore out in less than 18 months

Today I’m more convinced than ever that the iPhone has a serious design flaw. After less than 18 months of use, the battery in my iPhone 8 Plus is already showing signs of being worn out, and iOS has kicked in to throttle the performance to prevent the weakened battery from causing further crashes. Must read: 2019: The Apple products… Read more →

Microsoft Exchange vulnerable to ‘PrivExchange’ zero-day

Microsoft Exchange 2013 and newer are vulnerable to a zero-day named “PrivExchange” that allows a remote attacker with just the credentials of a single lowly Exchange mailbox user to gain Domain Controller admin privileges with the help of a simple Python tool. Details about this zero-day have been made public last week by Dirk-jan Mollema, a security researcher with Dutch… Read more →

Alibaba Cloud opens second data centre in Japan

Alibaba Cloud has opened its second data centre in Japan, doubling its capacity in the country where it is seeing growing demand for big data analytics with machine learning capabilities. The new facility runs on 25G network infrastructure, an upgrade from its original 10G network, and P100 card GPU-based GN5 Instance to process graphics for machine learning.  Between the two… Read more →

Verizon says its ‘laser focused’ on 5G after solid Q4 adjusted earnings

Verizon Verizon reported better-than-expected fourth quarter earnings as it added 1.2 million retail postpaid customers as it preps for a broad 5G network rollout. Revenue, however, fell short of expectations.  The company reported fourth quarter earnings of 47 cents a share on revenue of $34.3 billion, up 1 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings, which exclude fourth quarter charges… Read more →

SAP: Strong Q4 2018 earnings, restructuring on the horizon

SAP has revealed as part of the firm’s 2018 financial results that it will take a charge of 950 million euros ($1 billion) with restructuring on the horizon due to early retirement and staff shifts to shore up slowing business units. SAP’s Q4 2018 earnings (statement) reveal revenues of €7.43bn IFRS or €7.34 billion non-IFRS, up nine percent year-over-year with… Read more →

The DDoS that wasn’t: a key takeaway for web domain security

When Akamai noticed an uptick in traffic to a web domain, the company could be forgiven for thinking: another day, another distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks are a common attack method, accessible to all, which utilizes malicious traffic to disrupt website operations and online services. Traffic is often generated through botnets made up of enslaved devices ranging from PCs… Read more →

IBM, The Open Group form data scientist certification

IBM and The Open Group, a certification consortium, said they have launched a data scientist certification in a bid to formalize training for what represents one of the hottest career areas. The data science skill shortage has been a topic of discussion in recent years. A LinkedIn study reckons that more than 151,000 data scientist jobs go unfilled. While automation,… Read more →