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Western Digital Q2 misses estimates

Western Digital missed market estimates for its fiscal second quarter amid price uncertainty in the NAND flash market. The company on Thursday reported a net loss of $487 million, or $1.68 a share. Non-GAAP earnings were $1.45 per share on revenue of $4.2 billion, down from $5.3 billion from a year ago.  Wall Street was looking for earnings of $1.49… Read more →

Intel sets new annual revenue record, but Q4 sales fell below expectations

Intel published its fourth quarter financial results on Thursday, beating earnings expectations and setting new annual revenue records for every business segment. Still, revenues for the fourth quarter of FY 2018 fell below market expectations. Guidance for the next quarter was also lighter than expected. For Q4 2018, non-GAAP earnings per share came to $1.28 on revenue of $18.7 billion,… Read more →

Concerns raised about WordPress’ new ‘White Screen Of Death’ protection feature

Security researchers warn that a new feature that will ship with the next version of the WordPress CMS can be abused to disable security plugins and put WordPress sites and blogs at risk. The feature, which has a very cool name in “WSOD (white-screen-of-death) Protection” and is considered the equivalent of a WordPress Safe Mode, is scheduled to make its… Read more →

Microsoft Office 365 users in Europe unable to access mailboxes for a full day

Credit: Microsoft A number of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 users in Europe have been unable to access their mail for an entire day. Microsoft officials said earlier in the day that the company had identified the problem and were mitigating the issue, but users still are having trouble. Around 5 a.m. ET, Microsoft officials said on Twitter that… Read more →

In praise of our great tech leaders

They’re only human. They need praise too. Google CEO Pichai says devices will fade away – but launches new hardware division Google CEO Sundar Pichai sees the world moving from a mobile first to artificial intelligence first. Read More They’ve taken a beating of late. Why, I suspect some of them have been to so many ashrams and spas that… Read more →

Microsoft’s Office 365 apps are available in the Apple Mac App Store

Credit: Microsoft In the summer of 2018, Microsoft officials said its Office 365 applications would be coming to the Apple Mac App Store. On January 24, those apps finally were available for purchase from the store. Word leaked out earlier today (see this story) that it looked as if the Office 365 applications for Mac would show up in… Read more →

Microsoft buys Citus Data

Adding to its open source bona fides, Microsoft today announced the acquisition of PostgreSQL database provider Citus Data for an undisclosed sum. Given that Microsoft already offers a managed PostgreSQL service on Azure, the obvious question is why they would need to make the acquisition. Microsoft’s strategy is twofold. First, it adds depth to the talent base, in this case,… Read more →

Brazil changes freedom of information act

Brazil’s freedom of information law has seen significant changes with a new decree signed by interim president Hamilton Mourão while incumbent Jair Bolsonaro takes part in the World Economic Forum in Davos. The decree published today (24) allows ministers and executive secretaries of the various government departments to transfer classification responsibility for documents containing privileged information to lower-ranking public servants…. Read more →

Dropbox intros time-based comments for video, audio files

Dropbox said on Thursday that it’s rolling out a time-based commenting feature that aims to simplify video and audio review. The feature also lines up with the company’s efforts to integrate more workflows and productivity into its platform so that users don’t have to leave Dropbox to complete common tasks.  According to Dropbox, time-based commenting makes collaborative video editing easier… Read more →

SAP NS2, Google Cloud Platform ink integration deal to target public sector

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2), the independent US-based arm of SAP that sells software and services for national security and critical infrastructure customers, is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to target the public sector. The strategic partnership aims to bring advanced cloud and data capabilities to public sector businesses that must comply with FedRAMP data requirements. More specifically, the… Read more →

Artificial intelligence will become the next new human right

Food, water, shelter, artificial intelligence? If the predictions of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff prove to be true, the latter will one day become a new human right. What are considered to be human rights vary across different countries, societies, and cultures. In the West, however, it was back in 2016 that the United Nations decreed Internet access should be considered… Read more →

Data security is a major issue in GDPR compliance

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sent organizations across Europe into a tailspin over their data storage and privacy procedures, and months on, only 59 percent of companies believe they are GDPR-compliant. Data breaches are commonplace, credit monitoring is fast looking like an excellent service to be adopted by the average individual, and regulators, more than ever, are holding… Read more →