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iOS 12.1.3 is out: Time to update your iPhones and iPads

It’s time to fire up your iPhones and iPads for the first iOS update of 2019. This update contains a number of bug fixes, including issues affecting the Messages app, CarPlay, and HomePod. It also contains a number of patches for an array of security vulnerabilities. Must read: 2019: The Apple products you shouldn’t buy According to the release notes,… Read more →

A billionaire rages at Apple and its cables

Now you see it, now you don’t. ZDNet Billionaires are people, too. Yes, just like corporations. And, just like corporations, they have strong feelings about some of the tiniest things. Why, they don’t really want to pay any more in taxes. And, as for Apple‘s cable policy, well, this can drive them into apoplexy. Take Anand Mahindra. Described by the… Read more →

Microsoft to start selling more Azure services directly starting in March

Microsoft is changing the way it will sell Azure services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) starting in March. Microsoft will be advising customers to use its Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) to buy directly from the company its Azure services and certain third-party products in the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft did little to publicize the change, which it announced officially through… Read more →

WhatsApp forwarding cap prompts Brazilian president to seek mass messaging options

As WhatsApp imposes a limit of five messages for message forwarding worldwide as an effort to curb the spread of fake news, the Brazilian president’s team is already looking for other alternatives for mass communication. President Jair Bolsonaro’s son, congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, criticized the app’s decision to cap message forwarding in a new update rolled out on Monday (21) that… Read more →

Zoom CEO strives for sustainable customer happiness

Making customers happy on a sustained basis is hard and expensive. As a result, business leaders often de-prioritize the importance of customer experience when making investment choices related to time, money, and product focus. Customer experience often dies from the decisions of a thousand small cuts. For example, do we cut corners on features because we think customers won’t notice?… Read more →

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD: Improved performance and efficiencies

Looking for a high performance SSD? Samsung’s new 970 EVO Plus SSD based on the company’s fifth-generation V-NAND technology may be the drive for you. This builds on the 970 EVO by bringing faster sequential write speeds, significantly faster random read and write speeds, and improved power efficiencies. Must read: 2019: The Apple products you shouldn’t buy Samsung 970 EVO… Read more →

Ubuntu Core doubles down on Internet of Things

Canonical‘s Ubuntu is best known for its Linux desktop, but the company really makes it money from the cloud. And, founder Mark Shuttleworth has said, the Internet of Things (IoT). So, it comes as no surprise that Ubuntu Core is bringing Ubuntu 18.04 Long Term Support (LTS) codebase to embedded devices. Ubuntu Core, with an image size of 260MB, is… Read more →

GitLab eyes more public sector business

GitLab on Tuesday announced it now offers out-of-the-box authentication for common access cards (CACs) — a widely-used US Defense Department credential. The new security feature will automate the sign-on process for GitLab customers with a CAC, helping them work more efficiently. Offering support for CAC authentication is the latest step GitLab has taken to build up its public sector business…. Read more →

BigCommerce migrates to Google Cloud, aims to bolster speed of its SaaS platform

BigCommerce on Tuesday announced that it’s migrated its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), marking another retail industry win for Google as cloud vendors battle for customers. For BigCommerce, an Austin, Texas-based e-commerce SaaS provider, the move to GCP boils down to speed and improved support for international customers. But the company also admits that it took into account potential… Read more →

Two thirds of US consumers say Government should do more to protect data privacy

​Cybersecurity for kids: ‘The earlier we teach this, the better specialists we’ll have’ A school in Estonia has started a pilot project to teach the basics of cybersecurity to teenagers. Read More Over two thirds of US consumers think the Government should do more to protect data privacu, and say they’re ready for federal regulation similar to GDPR. A recent… Read more →

Iceland’s Bitcoin bandit sentenced for stealing mining rigs

The man responsible for stealing millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency mining equipment in Iceland has been sentenced to four and a half years in jail for his crimes. According to local media reports published this week, Sindri Þór Stefánsson was awarded his jail term after being returned to Iceland following a bold escape attempt. Last year, law enforcement investigated… Read more →

AWS’ big data, machine learning services gain traction, says 2nd Watch

Amazon Web Services’ customers are starting to move into more advanced big data and machine learning services as well as Kubernetes, according to data compiled by 2nd Watch, a top AWS partner. 2nd Watch, founded in 2010, has raised $56 million in funding and has more than 400 enterprise workloads and 200,000 instances managed. Based on data compiled by 2nd… Read more →