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Verizon to roll out free robocoll spam protection to all customers

Verizon announced today plans to roll out its spam and robocall detection and screening feature to all customers for free. The feature will be made available to all wireless and wired customers starting with March 2019, Verizon senior vice president of network operations Joe Russo said today. Named Call Filter, previously Caller Name ID, this is a premium service that… Read more →

Windows Phone users: Your reminder that support ends in December 2019

Just a reminder for those still using Windows Phones: Microsoft is ending its support of the Windows 10 Mobile platform on December 10, 2019. That’s a little more than two years after Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile 1709 in October 2017, which was its last version of the Windows Phone operating system.  End of support means no more free hotfixes… Read more →

Firefox to remove UI dark pattern from Screenshot tool after months of complaints

Image: ZDNet After months of user complaints, Mozilla will remove a misleading “dark pattern” from its page screenshot utility. The problematic feature is the “Save” button that appears when Firefox users take a screenshot. The issue is that the Save button doesn’t save the screenshot to the PC, as most users would naturally expect, but uploads the image to a… Read more →

Information Builders names Frank J. Vella new CEO

Information Builders, Inc. (IBI), the New York City-based business intelligence (BI) provider, has named a new CEO. Frank J. Vella, who had come aboard in November of 2017 as Chief Operations Officer, will succeed founder Gerald Cohen in the CEO spot. Cohen, who is 83, will stay on as IBI’s Chairman and senior advisor. IBI, a privately held firm, was founded… Read more →

iPhone sales slowdown hits Foxconn

Foxconn, the largest assembler of iPhone smartphones, has shed around 50,000 contract jobs since October, claims a report by Nikkei, which points the finger of blame at slowing iPhone sales. And this is not an isolated case, with Pegatron, which is the second largest iPhone assembler, also cutting seasonal contract jobs far earlier than expected. And this is also having… Read more →

Amazonshitcar show: The Grand Tour promotion at its finest

Amazon Well played, Amazon. When I visited Amazon’s website this morning, the glaring orange of the e-retail giant’s latest marketing campaign flashed in front of me. The orange background is gaudy and personally offensive to my eyes, but the message is, too — should you read it in a particular way. #amazonshitcarshow. Your eyes can’t help but navigate towards a… Read more →

Canon Brazil appoints new leadership

Canon has appointed a new president and chief executive for its Brazilian operation after a decade and a half of unchanged leadership. The new local head is Masaharu Choki, who took over this month. He replaces Jun Otsuka, who was transferred to Canon Panama. According to the Japanese camera and printer manufacturer, Choki will be leading the operations in South… Read more →

These malicious Android apps will only strike when you move your smartphone

Malicious Android apps have been uncovered in the Google Play store which will only trigger when a smartphone moves, researchers say. On Thursday, the cybersecurity team from Trend Micro said that the two apps in question were disguised as services that many of us would find useful, a currency converter and power saver. The applications were named Currency Converter and… Read more →

Temporary fix available for one of the two Windows zero-days released in December

In December 2018, a security researcher going by the name of SandboxEscaper published details and proof-of-concept (PoC) demo code for two Windows zero-days. Today, cyber-security firm Acros Security published a temporary patch for the second zero-day, a patch that protects Windows systems against any exploitation attempts. The temporary patch was released because Microsoft didn’t release an official patch for either… Read more →

Safe to buy refurbished devices? Why this startup thinks it’s better than buying new

The first words consumers read on visiting Back Market’s US website are: ‘Adopt refurbished products, only by certified professionals’. By asking consumers to adopt, rather than buy, Back Market is trying to change the language and landscape of the refurbished device market: how hardware is sold, why refurbished devices should be chosen over new ones, and how consumers should feel… Read more →

NHL teams up with SAP, Apple to build coaching app

National Hockey League coaches will soon have new data-driven resources at their fingertips during games, thanks to the NHL’s partnership with SAP and Apple. The league announced Thursday that after the All-Star break, it plans to roll out a new Coaching Insights App that provides real-time, customizable data and player statistics. The app leverages the SAP Cloud Platform with SAP… Read more →

Hacker behind ‘Football Leaks’ arrested in Hungary

Portuguese police announced yesterday the arrest of a Portuguese man in Hungary who they believe hacked, stole, and then leaked secret documents from European football (soccer) clubs during the past four years. Authorities didn’t disclose the man’s name, but local newspaper Record identified the suspect as Rui Pinto, a man who several newspapers from Spain, Portugal, and Germany previously named… Read more →