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Pewdepie versus T-Series silliness reveals battle for the soul of Youtube

A very bizarre battle has been raging across Youtube and beyond between two unlikely, overnight rivals. Actually, it is more of a one-sided scream of rage emitted by Youtube sensation Pewdepie, aka 29-year-old Swedish National Felix Kjellberg who makes roughly $15 million a year through his Youtube gaming videos, and his devout followers such as Mr. Beast. The object of… Read more →

How drone forensics can reveal pilot identity

Researchers take apart drones to find data for investigations. (Image: VTO Labs) VTO Labs Drones can be used for good, but it depends on who’s flying them. The recent drama at London’s Gatwick Airport is a real-life example of how even an amateur drone pilot can disrupt major infrastructure. Now that suspects have been arrested and a drone has been… Read more →

Hackers steal personal info of 1,000 North Korean defectors

Hackers have stolen the personal information of almost 1,000 North Korean defectors, the South Korean government revealed today. Only information from one of the 25 defector support centers was stolen, officials said. The hack took place after an employee of a defector support center opened a malicious document he received via email on Monday, December 19, 2018. The hacked support… Read more →

Microsoft will end 2018 as America’s most valuable company

Over the past three months, the price of Apple shares (red iine) has fallen faster than the price of Microsoft shares (blue line). ZDNet screen grab from Yahoo Finance Microsoft is enjoying a little glory, having unexpectedly regained its position as America’s most valuable publicly-quoted company – albeit, I think, temporarily. It lost out to Apple and then Amazon in… Read more →

The biggest storage trends of 2018

There are many trends and currents in the storage market, so it’s not easy to choose two. But these stood out in the past year. Flash and DRAM price drop Given the dominance of flash storage for phones, notebooks, and, increasingly, desktops, the drop in solid state storage prices is the biggest story of the year. While flash is the… Read more →

Defense contractor: IT must embrace ‘radical transparency and culture change’

Although innovation and being responsive to customers is the lifeblood of every technology organization, maintaining the spark of innovation inside a large company is hard. To gain insight into how to drive change and innovation at a large company, I spoke with a senior executive at L3 Technologies, which is the eighth largest defense contractor in the United States. The… Read more →

Brazilian bank Inter pays fine over customer data leak

Brazilian bank Inter has achieved a settlement over a major security flaw that leaked data of nearly 20 thousand account holders earlier this year. Under the conclusion for the case, announced by Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) on December 18, the bank will pay 1.5 million reais ($382,000) as a means to repair the collective moral damages related to the… Read more →

Windows is coming to your Chromebook

If you follow Chromebook development news the way hot-stove baseball fans follow the latest trade rumors, you know Google is working on bringing Windows to Chromebook. If you have that one Windows applications you must run, Google has been working on making it possible to dual-boot Windows 10 on Chromebook since July 2018. This is not… Read more →

India issues new e-commerce rules to check Amazon and Flipkart

Late on Wednesday, the Indian government introduced new rules for India’s e-commerce industry that could have grave new implications for how foreign online retailers decide to do business in the country. Specifically, the government banned online retailers Flipkart and Amazon from sourcing more than 25 percent of their inventory from a single vendor — many of them in which these… Read more →

2018’s most high-profile cryptocurrency catastrophes and cyberattacks

Bitcoin, Ripple. Ethereum. Monero. BTC, XRP, ETH, and XMR. The names, the jargon, the stream of white papers that proclaim the infinite possibilities of the blockchain, the startups, token sales — also known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) — all culminated in an explosion of interest in virtual currency at the end of 2017. Also: The risky business of Bitcoin:… Read more →