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Sick and disgusted: The worst tech failures of 2018

on cnet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Looking for the perfect gift? CNET delivers advice, reviews, and recommendations. Read More A boatload of products, trends, and people in the tech sector really disappointed us this year. In the spirit of the season, however, we won’t single out any individuals here. Instead, we’ll focus on the products and trends that made us… Read more →

Why scalability matters to Pizza Hut: "The Super Bowl is our Super Bowl"

Pizza delivery has become a cutting-edge business: Pizza Hut, for example, recruited Pepper the Robot in 2016 to take customer orders. The company also recently paired up with Toyota on self-driving delivery vehicles. Meanwhile, Little Caesars has patented a pizza-making robot, and Domino’s has conducted drone deliveries. Ultimately, the technical innovations are all about a simple goal, Chuck Rhoades, director… Read more →

Google Chrome’s new UI is ugly, and people are very angry

Google Every major user interface (UI) redesign project is a hit and miss game, and Google’s new Chrome UI appears to be a colossal miss. Designed with mobile devices in mind, the new Chrome user interface style was officially rolled out in September this year, with the release of Chrome version 69. Not all users liked the new UI, and… Read more →