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Those annoying sextortion scams are redirecting users to ransomware now

This past week, users in the United States have been bombarded by an email spam campaign that pushed a double-whammy of a sextortion attempt combined with a possible ransomware infection. ZDNet readers that aren’t aware of what a “sextortion” is, this is a term that comes from “sex” and “extortion,” and is used by IT security experts to describe a… Read more →

Walmart to purchase assets

Walmart announced Friday that it’s acquiring the assets of, the largest online retailer of art and wall decor. The retail giant did not disclose for how much it’s acquiring the assets, which include’s catalog, IP, trade name and US operations. The deal is expected to close early next calendar year. Founded in 1998, boasts 2 million curated… Read more →

Senator blasts FTC for failing to crack down on Google’s ad fraud problems

A US senator has blasted the Federal Trade Commission for failing to crack down on Google’s lack of effort in reducing ad fraud on its advertising network. Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner suggests Google is directly profiting by letting ad fraud run rampant at the expense of the companies who buy or sell ads on its platform. However, Warner is… Read more →

FCC to probe whether carriers gave inaccurate broadband coverage data

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday said it’s launching an investigation into whether one or more major carriers gave the agency inaccurate maps of their broadband coverage, violating the rules of an initiative that provides subsidies for rural coverage. “My top priority is bridging the digital divide and ensuring that Americans have access to digital opportunity regardless of where they… Read more →