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Quora discloses mega breach impacting 100 million users

Quora, one of the largest question-and-answer portals on the Internet, said today that hackers gained access to its servers and stole information on approximately 100 million of its users, which represents almost half of the site’s total userbase. The company disclosed the breach today but said it discovered the hack last week, on Friday. Quora is still investigating the incident… Read more →

Researchers discover SplitSpectre, a new Spectre-like CPU attack

Three academics from Northeastern University and three researchers from IBM Research have discovered a new variation of the Spectre CPU vulnerability that can be exploited via browser-based code. The research team says this new CPU vulnerability is, too, a design flaw in the microarchitecture of modern processors that can be exploited by attacking the process of “speculative execution,” an optimization… Read more →

AWS re:Invent 2018 Postmortem: Surprise! Hybrid enters the agenda

It is all too easy to get jaded by the scale of AWS’s annual re:Invent extravaganza: 50,000+ plus attendees, jamming multiple hotels the length of the Vegas strip, from Mandalay Bay on the south to the Wynn and Encore on the north. Not to mention the stream of announcements. My colleagues have already provided wall-to-wall coverage over the past week,… Read more →

Apple’s new online store offers 10% discount to active military and veterans

Apple has launched a dedicated online storefront for active military personnel and veterans — complete with a 10-percent discount offer on Apple products. See it now: Apple’s Veterans and Military online store While it already offered discounts to military customers through its physical Apple Stores, it now has an online destination, making all its products more accessible to current and… Read more →

What is Microsoft’s Windows Core OS ‘Lite’?

Despite numerous leaks (which have appeared on this blog and elsewhere) about Windows Core OS, a k a WCOS, Microsoft never has publicly explained this terminology. In part, this may be the result of the constantly evolving nature of WCOS. And based on a new report out today, it looks like there may be yet another new WCOS wrinkle. WCOS… Read more →

Tumblr to ban all adult content in two weeks

Tumblr said today it plans to ban all adult content from its platform in two weeks, on December 17. The ban was announced today in a blog post by the company’s CEO, Jeff D’Onofrio. According to a support page published after the ban’s announcement, the company plans to ban “photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting… Read more →

​Kubernetes’ first major security hole discovered

techrepublic Kubernetes: The smart person’s guide Kubernetes is a series of open source projects for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Find out why the ecosystem matters, how to use it, and more. Read More Kubernetes has become the most popular cloud container orchestration system by far, so it was only a matter of time until its… Read more →